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Posted by Tyhond - January 20th, 2024


Pixel Project #1

Tyhond Spreadsheet [] 1/20/2024 // 6:10 PM

Made with Aseprite // Length: 2-3 Hours //

◇ These Spreadsheet I might use for a game. Not sure myself, but it was fun to make and it did take a while! I had to improvise certain desigh! :) ◇

Reference: Tyhond (OC)

Tyhond // Femboy Artist by Tyhond on Newgrounds

(128 x 128 Pixel // 4 x 4 Square)


(4x Size)


Animation (16 Frames // 300 Milliseconds)


Pixel Project #2

ERProject Tileset #1 [] 1/21/2024 // 4:42 PM

Made with Aseprite // Length: 1-2 Hours //

◇ Making some Tileset. I might add more so this may get updated! :) ◇


Pixel Project #3

Tyhond Mugshot #1 [] 1/22/2024 // 12:08 AM

Made with Aseprite // Length: 2-3 Hours //

◇ Who would've guess making Mugshots of Tyhond would take a while. I have most that I could think of. A lot of Neutral Happy, A bit of Anger, some Oddities, a bunch of Tears, and a Thank you ^-^ ◇

(384 x 288 Pixel // 6 x 8 Square)


(4x Size)





Posted by Tyhond - January 11th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory One: Slime Heart

(Word Count: 5200+) // Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Previous Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Next Chapter [Next Memory]:


If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory One: Slime Heart - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「The CORE spiraled in the center of the world, surging with infinitely mana and energy, and blooming new plants and resource through the lands. This surge in immense connection with the Slime Wendigo's emotion has cause it to expand the world even more. It caught the attention of many... 」


[] Memory One: Slime Heart []

「Windi, right in front of the vessel had her claw out. It's different seeing Windi herself attacking them compared to seeing a large beast attacking them. Regardless, each phase has her mind lost, wondering afar. The vessel dashed through before getting clawed. 」

「Windi swiftly turned around and raised her arm before orange slime seep from the ground and shot upward around her, crystalizing into bones before it floats up off the ground. Each one shape like rips, pointing outward and spinning around her before it shoots outward, a circular attack with bone spear! She summoned a few more set of bones and sent out, changing how random each spear aimed toward. 」

「They managed to zip past each one, going left and right to evade the spears! 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The battle of her past! Their determination won't let them falter! 」

「The breathing heavy and the heat picked up as the fire from the forest started to cause the whole area to be hot. However, that didn't stop the vessel and they continued to [Purify] the soul of hers! 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 60% / 100% Purity ◇

「Her attacks had gotten longer and more complicated. However, with each attack she made, it felt as if she doesn't want to hurt the vessel. Almost as if she has some conscious somewhere with her body controlled by her Wendigo's instinct. 」

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

「The ground below started to break more with bright light beaming out from it. The forest surrounding them started to become char and vanishing into magic particles, creating smoke in the air. These fire help create a light source since the inconsistent light from the moon could be a problem without the scorch hot flames. 」

Hiding dark, under the bright moon.

Following your own little paths, those unknown little paths.

Of angel goes singing down, there’s no hope left.

Taken by a theft.

「Windi summoned more bones from the ground, tripling the amounts before she scattered them outward in the same circular spread! The tip of each of the bone spears engulf in fire and as the vessel see each one, they do what they could do at the moment. DODGE! 」

「She tried it one more time and shoot three more layer of bone spears before she rushed over to the vessel and raised her arm! The vessel noticed but she stopped mid-way and predicted that they would dash through behind her. Immediately, she moved her arm backward and cut them using the sharp back end of their claws. 」

◇ -30% Mana ◇ 70% / 100% Mana ◇ 1 Stack of Guilt ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They felt the cut at their body, but they don't want to think about it. They continued on and created a purification flash, causing Windi to flinch a bit! A [Purify] for her soul! Only a few more left to go! 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 70% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

To, the known.

It’s your own imagination of the

Life, that’s left.

It’s the passion that’s inside the heart.

「Windi placed her hands on the ground and surrounded the whole arena with large bone pointing upward. Suddenly flames escaped from the gaps of some of the bones and landed on the ground before heading toward the center! 」

「The vessel would avoid touching each of the flame as they watch the fire in the center become bigger with each flame that it consumed. With enough fire, the massive ball of flames morphed into a fire spirit in the same of the Wendigo! Not only that, but there were also red fireflies appearing from the burning forest and surrounding the creature. 」

「Now there was both the Wendigo and Windi... 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「[Purify]! There's no time for panic and worrying about two enemies ahead of them! 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 80% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

Now I’m you~.

Guilty of my own mistake.

I am blinded by my eyes, instinct of the tide.

I cannot follow my own thoughts,

Anger on the spot.

I just blame myself.

「Both the flaming Wendigo and Windi circled around the vessel. The fire beast charged to get the Vessel backing far away from them as Windi herself summoned bone spear to attack at far range! 」

「When they dodged of the claw attack, a bone spear hit and punctured through their chest, going through. It caused them to pause due to the force and the Wendigo goes into for another attack with scorch a mark on the same spot! 」

◇ -40% Mana ◇ 30% / 100% Mana ◇ 2 Stack of Guilt ◇

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 10% / 100% Mana ◇ 3 Stack of Guilt ◇

「Windi kneeled down and grabbed her head, screaming as the flame Wendigo frozen had a swarm of fireflies around it. 」

◇ Windi & The Wendigo is now Immobilized! ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇ One Extra Turn ◇

「The vessel kneeled down, injured with the lack of mana in their system. Luckily for them, they still have only one more healing item left but it will permanent affect them for the rest of this encounter. They took out the [Green Moss] and consume it! 」

◇ +100% Mana ◇ 100% / 100% Mana ◇ -10% Movement Speed for the rest of this Encounter ◇

「Their body instantly recover and refreshed, surging with mana. However, due to eating the moss, their body felt a bit fatigue and slightly tired, there movement only affected a little but could make a huge difference in dodging. Luckily, they have a magic dash to use if they required more of it. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇ 

「And with Windi immobilized, they took this advantage and [Purify] her. Their hand started to spark white particles as if something about their pacification changed a bit. Not sure what it was, they prepared for her to attack them again. 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 90% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

When the cloak~.

is hiding all of it from me.

Like the shadow hiding, from the full moon.

I can give you a hug like they've given to me,

Open your red eyes...

「Windi shook it out from the headache and roared loud that it echoes throughout the whole arena. The red fire that scorches the trees suddenly froze before crystalizing into bright ruby crystals, emitting cold air from it. The ground dimmed down as snow from the sky started to fall onto the land. A sudden change from hot to cold! 」

「The flaming Wendigo crystalized as well and morphed into a cloak with a ruby deer skull as the head. It immediately summoned red crystal from under its ragged body and sprayed these shards toward the vessel! 」

「They didn't have the distance to dodge to the side, so they phase through the projectile only to see Windi charging up energy before a laser beam shoot at them! Fireflies following the direction and flow of the shot! Due to the cooldown of the dash and the speed of the laser, they become hit by it! 」

◇ -25% Mana ◇ 75% / 100% Mana ◇ 1 Stack of Guilt ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They stood up, swiping the cold red frost on their body. Despite being a laser, it seemed to be full of ice element magic within. This is the only mana they have left and with no item left. They have the final [Purify]! It's all over- 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 99% / 100% Purity ◇ PURIFICATION REJECTED ◇

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

Hollow Glare, ending a new life.

Open your hands to the fire, these little tiny fliers.

Of demon goes reaching up, there’s plenty of hope;

For you to only cope.

「She kneeled down and grabbed her head, trying to reject the purification of her soul. The crystal Wendigo would fight for her instead and revealed its red crystal claw alongside shards that circled around each one. The creature floated toward the vessel and swung its easily evadable shard before it got in close and swiped at them! 」

「The beast sacrificed one of the claws and uses the other claw to shatter it, getting shard unexpected up close at them! However, just in the nick of time, they dash and rolled onto the ground. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Standing up, they glanced over that Windi who still on the ground kneeling but the Wendigo still there, glaring at them! Why didn't the purification work on Windi? She simply rejected it and now it got them confused. What's going on!? 」

「They took a deep breath and looked over at the creature and thought of an idea. Maybe they have to get rid of that pseudo-Wendigo! He rushed at them and casted a [Purify] toward the evil beast! 」

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

For, my regret.

It’s your own decision of the

Life, that I, taken.

It’s the emotion that’s inside the soul.

「The Wendigo backed off. Magic particles slowly escape from the cloak that started to fade. The creature roared, enraged and chasing after the vessel. They made distance with it, and it started to cast crystal spike from the ground in front of them! They managed to jump to the side maintain a safe distance from the spirit. 」

「As the cloak disappear, the skull fell onto the ground shattering with a huge shard explosion before those little pieces faded into specks of magic to the sky. 」

Endless void, is it true that my heart is so black,

There’s nothing that’s intact.

Why can’t I, rip my soul out and go back in time,

But I’m stuck in autumn slime.

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Now there's only Windi left... They walked cautiously over to her, seeing that she still hurting on the ground, her skull also seemed to have a large crack as well. Their right glove started to glow white and placed their hand on her shoulder. 」

My head is hurting, it’s burning.

I dread on my own claws, it’s covered in blood,

My own soul now binds, nothing left to find.

Now I’ve taken your mankind.

「A bright white void filled the world. The sight of each other vanished... 」

<> Location <> [WINDI'S MIND SPACE]

[] 67 Years Ago // Broken Autumn Ruins []

「In a very pitch-black place within a part of the ruins that lack the colors and full of thorny vines that overtaken the whole place. A ruin with nothing. No decoration, no light, and no life anywhere. It was a barren dark place with tons of rubbles and broken parts. All collapsed and difficult to navigate through. 」

「Despite all that, there's a person that glowed and lit up the darkness and moving through the harsh ruins of what soon to be full of life and sweetness of maple leaves on the ground. The one in blue flames but without a visor. Eyeless man but could still sense their surroundings and see through the flames. 」

(Past) Etheio: "This place is all wrecked. No wonder nobody lives here." He spoke, traveling to broken corridors to more of those. "There's going to be a lot of work to do. It'll add a neat path from one to the other side. Besides, not like anyone going to use this place regardless." 

「He then noticed a giant boulder ahead of him, blocking his path. Right below him is tree roots which connected to another blocked path, this time with tons of rocks and branches as well as the cold aura emitting from there which dispel from his body. 」

(Past) Etheio: "Hmm? What the hell? What is it cold here?" He walked over to the blocked area and toss each rock out along with burning the roots. "Don't tell me there's a secret place to some ice biome down here!?"

"Huh? What is this?" He found something through digging for a while. Orange substances that were between the gaps of rocks and roots. "Why is it so sticky here."

「Etheio managed to get most of the rubbles out of the way and now there's a trail of slime within the hollow path inside. He went inside, stepping and annoyed by their feet becoming slow due to the ground. It's surprising how hollow and half-intact the inside of this place is. As he continued, they found a certain slime girl resting against a tree trunk that reached up and above the ruins. 」

(Past) Etheio: "A creature of a core here? Is she... Died?" 

「Unsure, he rushed over and goes on his knee, observing and touching her extremely cold body. However due to his fire body, it quickly defrosted her freezing body, not hot enough to burn but enough to turn the slime fluid instead of a sticky or hardened state... And then her eyes opened, bright orange with a hint of red. 」

(Past) Etheio: "Hey... Hey. Hey! You good there?" He now hovered his hands over her and emit some cozy heat for her. "You're stuck here for who knows how long. Whoever you are, please say something so I know you're fine."

(Past) Windi: "P-please let me sleep. I w-want to go back to sleep. Don't wake me up and leave me alone." She then closes her eyes. "I'm really tired..."

(Past) Etheio: "Hey! HEY! Don't sleep on me!" He shouted before calming down and sighed. "

「Etheio stood up and picked up the wendigo slime and moved her out from the dark area and head outside the room. He's going toward back to a safer and more nice ruins known as the Glowing Ruins. His territory isn't so far around from here. The slime girl, Windi, didn't like being picked up while trying to fall back asleep. 」

(Past) Windi: "Why aren't you leaving me back there. Can't I get some rest?..."

(Past) Etheio: "You got enough rest. The ruins you in mind as well be a graveyard if you keep sleeping there. And besides, I don't want a sleeping slime haunting the soon to be mine ruins! Got it!?"

(Past) Windi: "Hmm... Whatever you say." She smiled and cuddled up on his arms, her slime becoming heavy and drooping. 

(Past) Etheio: "UGHH! You!" He stared at her before looking up and blowing smoke then proceed to mumble frustratedly. "Stupid heavy lazy slug. Why am I even hugging this ungrateful orange sludge. So unappreciated!!!"

[] Several Months Later // Glowing Ruins // Etheio's Home []

「Inside Etheio's home contained a fireplace with a dark gray moss-like plant above it that absorbed the smoke. The bed Windi slept on were made from stone with a lot of fur on top of it. At the moment, she is awake, eyes staring at the bland gray ceiling. Etheio was also in the home, sitting on a table and writing on brown paper using a feather pen and glass full of black ink with a slight tint of purple. 」

(Past) Windi: "Heyyyy. Can I have some more of your boiled water. Taste like nothing but it'll soothe me."

(Past) Etheio: "No! I'm busy and you already had one this morning! Shut and go to bed!"

(Past) Windi: "Hmph. You're always so cranky. I thought you wanted to kick me outside and let me sleep someone in the middle of nowhere. Can't you do that, so I don't have bother you anymore. Blehhhh!" She stuck her slimy tongue out.

(Past) Etheio: He stood up and walked toward her with a glare of a blue flaming pupil. "You want that to happen!? I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! TRY ME!"

(Past) Windi: "Etheio! I was just joking! Let me in peace!" She got picked up. "NOOOO! I want to lay dooooown!"

(Past) Etheio: "Too late!"

[] A Few Years Later // Glowing Ruins []

(Past) Windi: "Etheio, you know what these are? They look so pretty! I never seen them here before."

(Past) Etheio: "That's because you barely go outside." He shook his head and deep sigh. "Those are flowers. The other creature that lives in these ruins and the neighboring ones like those. My favorites are the Bluebells. Same color as I am and shape like my favorite sound of bells in the far distance."

(Past) Windi: "Hehe, when did you get poetic all of the sudden."

(Past) Etheio: "When did you get so active all of the sudden? Thought your whole purpose is to rest in my room and sleep all day long." He chuckled before they both started to laugh. "Let me finish this up. I have a new seed I found. Not sure what it'll grow into, but you'll see it bloom someday soon."

「Etheio dug in the soil and placed in a sunflower seed before covering it up and watering the spot with the green plastic watering can. 」

(Past) Windi: "Can't wait!"

[] A Few Decades Later // Glowing Ruins []

(Past) Windi: "Say, Etheio. Have I ever talked about my past with you. Now that I started to have my own ruins to look after and many new critters began to live there, I realized, all this time, I've just lived the present. But I've been ignoring the past."

(Past) Etheio: "Windi. When I first met you, I didn't care what happened at the past of your life. I know that you were one sleepy stubborn slime. A slime that loves to sleep because that's where the core part. However, looking at you now, you changed a lot after this many years. Stuck in the ruins, ignoring whatever outside of it. Peaceful."

(Past) Windi: "Yeah... But have that ever crossed your mind? Like how I got there in the first place. Why my personality is like that. How I'm slowly changing."

(Past) Etheio: "Nope. Don't care enough to be curious about it." 

(Past) Windi: "Hey! That's mean of you!" She pouted and crossed her arms. "At least you have thought about it at one point in these past decades!"

(Past) Etheio: "Heh, well does it make you feel better that I wonder at least a few times a year." He smirked and before looking ahead, sitting on the edge of the bridge and looking down at the dark void. "Best time to say, what happened before I found you."

(Past) Windi: "...I don't know... It felt as I do remember but it's just an uncomfortable feeling that I tried to avoid. I want to remember myself, but I couldn't. Each year that passes, I started to vivid sight of... I can't tell. It's not a good memory."

(Past) Etheio: "Don't worry about it. Bad memories stinks aways. You should forget all of it and you'll be fine. You're just a slime. Nothing too complex."

(Past) Windi: "What does that supposed to mean? Hmm!?"

(Past) Etheio: "Want me to call you a complicated orange-mango Jello creature? Ms.Sleepy Jello."

(Past) Windi: "Come on! I don't sleep as much anymore!"

[] Time Flys Fast // Glowing Ruins []

(Past) Windi: "It's been half a century since we see each for the first time. Time goes by way too fast as if that's how the world works. Thank goodness we're creature of the core and not human... Human..."

(Past) Etheio: "Something the matter, Windi?" He smiled and gave her a small puzzle piece from the box of a thousand of them.

(Past) Windi: "Nope! I'm good! Just had a weird thought but nothing too bad. I'm just grateful to be still alive and awake to see the ruins thrive." As she spoke, tears form from her eyes, dripping down onto the finished part of the puzzle.

(Past) Etheio: "Hey, hey, don't cry." He dropped the puzzle piece. "Is it about your past again? Let's ignore that. We can something else if you want."

(Past) Windi: "No thanks. I'm good." She rubbed her eyes. "It's just, I can remember a lot of things now. From the start to the middle, a now. Everything is so lovely, and I love it all. Hanging out with you and a few others. I like it this way and I-"

「Etheio reach forward and pull Windi for a hug, his arms wrapped around her tightly as they both now calmly went silent. She closed her eyes and move her arms as well, both now in an embrace. 」

「The world turned white around them and the memories of the past faded. 」

◇ +1% Purity ◇ 100% / 100% Purity ◇

<> Location <> Windi's Peace Garden

「The world became normal with the vessel hugging Windi tightly in a calming silent with the ruin room blooming orange flowers that grew from the cracks of the ground. The glow berries changed colors from neutral white light to orange instead. Tree branch popped out from the ceilings with large amount of yellow, orange, red, and brown leaves magically appearing before a few of them slowly fell down a time, gliding. 」

Windi: "Lil' Cowboy..." The skull on her head had one major crack, now suddenly broke into two pieces and it clanged onto the floor. "I'M SO SORRY!"

「She started sobbing as her arms hugged back, the fireflies around her changed from red to yellow, floating around slowly. 」

Windi: "I'm sorry f-for hurting you. I didn't know what I was thing. I'm so... Sorry... I won't ever do that again."

「As they both hug, a familiar someone slowly made their way downstairs with their hands in their pocket. Silent but noticeable sound of footsteps. Etheio has reached the floor and noticed all the flowers that were blooming. 」

Etheio: "If someone needs to apologize, it's me." He looked down and took off his visor. "I was the one whose been blind. After all these years, I had this hate growing my heart. But I never really thought this hate would affect someone else. I was the stupid one and I'm deeply sorry. To not just Windi..."

"But to you as well, Cowboy. That's what you are right?" He smiled and put back his visor before turning around. 

「The vessel stepped back a bit after Windi's tear has stop. They both looked over at Etheio who had his back turn to them. 」

Etheio: "See you both. I deserve to look at you both again."

「The vessel... Rushing up to him and hugged him as well. This caused Etheio to freeze, on the verge of reacting negatively. However, he stopped himself and accepted as it is, sighing with a smile. Windi stood up and went over to them and gave both a hug. 」

Windi: "If I keep this up, I'm going to become sleepy. It's so warm. I'm really tired..."

Etheio: "...Heh... Hey. Hey... Don't sleep on me..." He chuckled. "You silly slime."

「As so they all embrace each other's present. What past happened in the past and now it's the present. A happy present with everything going back to normal but with a positive outcome. The vessel was content with this. 」

「After a while, Windi led them both through the only path back of the Autumn and Glowing Ruins, through one long dark corridor lit up by Etheio. They all made it to the entrance of the ruins, a few steps away to the outside where the snow is gently falling down, making a thin blanket on the ground. The snow. White and pure. 」

<> Location <> End of the Ruins

「The outside... The fresh air and the real cold snowflakes. The vessel didn't think they made it to the entrance already. 」

Windi: "I wish I could keep you here in the ruins with us. But you're just a kid. Don't you have somewhere to be or someone to meet? A family? I'm really sure someone missed you out there. And if I could go out and travel with you, I would." She kneeled and rested her hand on their head. "I know it's silly that we see each other once again before we have to split ways."

Etheio: "...I hate to say it, but you did a lot today. A lot more than I did for many decades. I can feel it. Her soul purified and lacked the sort of dark past she once has. Whatever it was, glad you can her."

Windi: "Mhm. I'm glad you were to be here. And I have something for you. I can't let you be cold outside so here."

「Windi took off the yellow bandana and the silver amethyst amulet from the vessel and placed it in their pocket. She then created a long cloth scarf from the slime and wrapped it around their neck. It wasn't sticky nor slimy. It was a nice soft cloth created from the appreciation of her soul and heart. 」

[] Windi's Slime Scarf // A Wendigo Slime's scarf made with the appreciation and love. A reminder of her gratitude. // No Increase Stats but the thought that Windi would always be on their journey. []

Windi: "That shall do." She hugged him one more time before standing up and move backward. "I'll remember you forever and I hope you can do the same."

Etheio: "Don't forget about me kiddo." He stepped forward and had a light blue orb on his gloved hand before handing it to them. "Rest that on your heart. It's a gift from me. I don't need some of my power. It's wasted on something dumb anyways."

Windi: "Y-your power?"

Etheio: "Yeah! Don't dive too deep into that. It's only a part of my soul that contains some of my electric abilities. Being a robot and all, he could need some electric to keep himself warm. It's a win for him. And a win for me because I don't feel like hurting anyone else anymore. What was it... Ah... It's a win-win."

「He chuckled and rest his head with his hands on the back on his neck. The vessel nodded and held the fragment of his soul close to their heart. Suddenly, their body pulsate as the fragment merged with their soul, becoming one. The slime scarf began to glow a bit in react for the soul fusion. 」

[] Etheio's Electric Soul // A gift from the man that used to want you died. A gift of helping Windi Anenstia. Eternal Gratitude. // Hitbox Size Reduced by 10%. Maximum Mana increased from 100% to 200%. []

Windi: "We only just met not too long ago and now I have to say goodbye..." She teared up again and wave at the vessel who stood in between of side of the ruins and the outside. "Maybe one day we'll meet again!"

Etheio: "She miss you more than I do. But regardless, goodbye and have a nice travel. I'll make an exception that you're the only Obsirose that I'm willing to say is my friend. Hope you find your way back home. Or at least to wherever you seek."

「The vessel waved, crying as well as they shouted at them, an inaudible sound of "Goodbye!" and both understood well what they're trying to say. Their hands waving at the one who helped them in the beginning... Windi Anenstia. And the one beside here. Etheio. 」


「They all waved at the vessel. 」

「The vessel waved to them back. It was goodbye and it's unfortunate they have to leave early but they have a goal to pursue, and this is a great time to journey to the outside ruins. Off to find the CORE! 」


◇ The End of Memory One ◇





★ Extras & Credit ★


<> Location <> Glowing Ruins // The Bridge

Grayfool: "Can you get of my head. If you don't, I swallow you whole~. Pesky muted cat." >:(

Tokyo Tat: "..." =X=

Grayfool: "Why? Why are there so many of you!" D:<


Tokyo Tat: "..." >:)

◇ Tokyo Tat made by Tyhond & My Sister ◇


<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Garden

Sunflowey: "I'm bored... Buzzz Buzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz..."


Sunflowey: "...A frog... Don't eat the beeeeesssss, you croaker. MUHAHAHA!" >:D

Froggit: "Ribbit ribbit?" He forgot where he was again. :(

◇ Definitely Not a Reference to Another Game ◇


<> Location <> Glowing Ruins // Waterfall

Etheio: "Windi wanted to do this but what the hell is this again?" He said as he talked to the blue fireflies around him. "What was it again? Dip it in water, scrub it, then dry it? How the hell am I--- OH! AHA! LIKE THIS!" >:]

"Wait, why am I washing clothing again?" =~= "I always wear the same one and no one here wears. GAHH! This stupid shirt is burning! DAMN IT! It's not fire-proof! Why come it's not fire-proof!?"


Etheio: "Pfft, accidentally use too much fire. Whatever. Who needs a useless t-shirt anyways. If I don't know what's it's for, who bothers. Although she might end up being mad at me..." He tossed the burnt shirt in the waterfall. "There's plenty of shirts. Who cares if one goes missing. I sure don't want another upset Windi." >:T

"I wonder what new recipes she be cooking. I can't wait to try it out. Also wonder if I should get some wine out too from that old secret cellar." :/

◇ Characters, Story, & Art made by Tyhond ◇


<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // The Gravestone

Windi: "Dear Windi, it's been over about a hundred years since I first met you in that forest. I wish I could change the path, but I now realized that's never going to happen. This means I'll try my best to cherish the soul you've given me, despite me taking it by accident. Regardless, it felt as if my body been lifted from the past. I know you still care for me no matter who I am."


Windi: "I felt honored." She could feel the spirit of the real Windi's soul comforting her. "All these years, my heart had weighed down. But it's nice to know it's all in the past and I still remember your words. You have a heart for a folklore creature like me. Now I'll share your heart for everyone."

"I'll visit you again soon, Windi. If someday I were to die, can I see you up there? I would love to meet you again! Hehe~." She stood up, adjusting the flower crown on her head. "Time for me to make that new recipe! Can't disappoint!"

◇ Gratitude for Everyone who made it this far. ◇


Pearl: "Oblivion. You seemed determined about something? How come you do not stay with them?" She spoke as she floated beside the vessel. "Well, wherever you go, whatever you do, I support! How about we go get something to eat or travel to an amusement park! We made it outside so there has to many things to do! Not like you have anything else in mind." :O

"Right? Maybe you do have something in MIND! If only you can talk! Must be hard keeping everything to yourself. I want to know too!" =D

◇ Thank You for Reading. Stay Tune for Memory Two! ◇


Oblivion: "Thank you, guide. Thanks for being with me till this point. I don't know what's going to happen next, but I hope you stay with me. I can't do this without you. I know it's silly, but I still need hand holding. I don't know nothing about out here. All I know is that you're watching, and I feel hopeful from that." ^-^




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Posted by Tyhond - January 10th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia

(Word Count: 5200+) // Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

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ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.6: Etheio of the Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

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ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory One: Slime Heart - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

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ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「The CORE is resonating... 」


[] Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia []

「The area all quite dull with the ceiling emitting hint of yellow lights and the ground revealing bright red glow between the cracks. The vessel sat down, a small distance away from Windi, listening to her voice as she explained herself. 」

Windi: "...I wasn't always like this, the way you see me right now. This is not how I used to be. I wasn't some kind slime wendigo with a cloak and a skull on her shoulder. Long ago, I was only a wendigo. The slime part of me didn't exist until..." She lifted the skull and stood up, staring at it. "...After I've taken a soul."

「The vessel froze as they had a confused yet shocking expression on their face. Windi has taken a soul before?... 」

Windi: "It's so far back then and even after many years, I still unable to forget about the day. I tried my best to discard those memories down some dark void but deep inside, it always come right out to haunt me. I remember it so vividly. The blood on what used to be claws." She glanced over and her hands before turning the skull to point away from her. "I had made a grave mistake back then and I can't rewind back time and fix it..."

「Shadow began to cover the stone walls and the floor as well, only leaving the cracks alone with the red colors seeps out. The ceiling blocked as well before a bright moon appeared above them far away, emitting the radiant moonlight on the both of them. The whole area started to shake as if Windi's emotion is in a spiral. 」

<> Location <> Forest of the Moonlight

「The dark walls started to morph and vision of trees started to appear. More specifically, dark pine trees of a vast inner part of a forest where being lost was easy and predators roamed around, sneaking behind bushes and the silent atmosphere. 」

「The vessel stood up and observed their surroundings, not sure what's going on. It must be the work of her magic that's doing this. But something like this might require a lot of mana. They're unsure but they kept their hearing focused on her. 」

Windi: "When I saw that you were being attacked by Etheio, I saw the memory again. It's been brought to me after I tried to ignore it for so long. My instinct kept on feeling the bloodthirsty killer that I am inside. It wants to take control back, but I gave up. I gave up that feeling. I no longer wanted to go outside. I longer wanted to see blood. I no longer wanted to see myself become a monster."

「Swarms of red fireflies surrounded her. 」

Windi: "But the more I step away, the harder it is to control each time. Please, if you have the chance, I want you to go away. Go into the forest and run. You'll find an exit that led you outside the ruin. I have this feeling that you might need to go out, be among with the other Obsirose and Human. Let the ruin die in peace like it did long time ago."

"Eventually the creature of the core and the Human and their magic machine will continue to harm each other. I don't want to see that happening. I don't to continue where every time those two meet, there's conflict."

"So please. Leave me alone... I want to be left alone. I don't know how long it'll take to calm back then. My head. It's hurting as there's fire setting ablaze my soul. Please, I beg of you. Run away and get out of the ruins."


「Windi wanted to be left alone and she offered the vessel a way out of the ruins. This could mean there's a progression forward a one stop closer to the CORE. All they have to do is leave her alone, go through the forest and they'll be out of here. 」

「This is what she wanted. That is her voice telling them to leave. Would stay and trying to help even make her feel better? This is an opportunity in which they'll have to decide... No, not just them. They're too conflicted with their soul to decide for themselves. They don't know whether they want to help but might make her feel worser or leave and perhaps she'll come to her senses like her usual self. 」

「The CORE is resonating... 」

「Please choose for them. If they remained still for long enough, they would have to face whatever problem bestow upon them. Do you wish to allow the vessel to escape and leave them alone to their own emotion. Or would they stay, trying to help without a voice. 」

◇ [] Escape [] ◇ // ◇ [] Purify [] ◇



◇ Option Chosen ◇ [] Escape [] ◇

◇ 「Escape... 」 ◇

「For some reason, they thought they heard someone else. Although perhaps it's their inner mind telling them to "escape". 」

「The vessel nodded and agreed to what she said. They willing to leave her alone and let her take care of herself. A group of trees pushed aside, leaving a trail of dirt for them to go on and follow it to the outside of the ruins. It seemed there might be teleportation magic involved in this if what she said was true. 」

Windi: "Thank you." She smiled, tears flowing out from her eyes. "You're a sweet boy you know. I wish I could've spent more time with you and maybe show you around the ruins. Unfortunate how I can't do that now. I need some alone time and you respected that..."

"Thank you, Lil' Cowboy."

「As the vessel quietly walked to the path given to them, the red fireflies flew away with the wendigo skull now bound to her head. She glanced up at the bright moon, watching the moonlight as she down, silently enjoying it while the light from the sky started to dim and the trees began to lose their green colors, turning red instead. 」

「Windi is no longer crying but it doesn't seem like she'll get out of that trance soon. As the vessel walked further toward what seemed to be a glowing white exit against a cliff wall, the darkness behind them spread and consumed more part of the forest. Soon, the whole forest became gone except for the moon that created a spotlight for her. 」

「When the vessel entered through the light, their eyes shut off to avoid the intensity of the light. Suddenly it became pitch black again... They slowly activated their sight...」

「They found themselves walking through a dark corridor but there seemed to be dim light up ahead. As they continued on, they made it pass the darkness in what seems to be a large singular hallway that span from here perhaps the longest they seen. However, when they glanced over to their right side, there were some sort of light from the outside... The outside... It's really the exit of the ruins. 」

<> Location <> End of the Ruins

「The light must've come from an unknown light source in the sky, strong enough that even it penetrated through the heavy blizzard that is happening at the moment. Small blanket of snow filled the exit. 」

「They walked toward the exit before turning around and glancing at the ruins for one last time. It was quiet. Dead quiet except the sound of wind blowing behind them and snow touching the back of their exposed arms and legs. 」

「Why did they choose to leave Windi alone? They thought it would be for the best of her. However, what about Etheio? He has to realized that she wanted peace by herself. Although, after leaving Windi, they don't want to see Etheio again since they cause a conflict with them for not bring talking some sense into her... If they even could. 」

「Why did they choose to leave Windi alone? They thought it would be for the best of her. However, what about Etheio? He has to realized that she wanted peace by herself. Although, after leaving Windi, they don't want to see Etheio again since they cause a conflict with them for not bring talking some sense into her... If they even could. 」

「...That's what they agreed to... 」

「With no going back, they walked forward into the blizzard, accepting the fact that it leads them outside the ruins and perhaps on a new journey forward. However, with now windy and snowy everything is, it's hard for them to navigate. Their vision blurry and the constant wiping to get the snow off. 」

<> Location <> Outside Ruins

「Once they made it far enough, there seemed to be a chain link fence with an opening for them to go through. It seemed there were also a sign on it, warning them that exploring in the ruins without permission is prohibited. 」

「They went on... 」

「The blizzard began to freeze their body, making them use mana in order to heat up now. The temperature low and their movement sluggish through it all. But with hope, the found a nearby vehicle up ahead which seemed to be a small bus, idling with their lights turned on. They only had a small trip before they make it somewhere perhaps warm and cozy. Or at least away from the snow. 」

「As they got the vehicle, the bus door is open and they stepped inside, coughing and radiating heat from themselves. 」

(Male Voice) ???: "Hey, what's a kid doing in the middle of a snowstorm? Jeez, who left their child out to die like that." The bus driver took the cigarette out of his mouth and got rid of it in an ashtray. He stood up and went to the back and got a blanket of them. "Hey, kid, what's your name?"

「This man. He seemed to be a person made of skin and hair. Is that happened to be a human? His eyes have a little bag and his skin quite pale. Not only that, but his clothes are also a bit ragged and had a thin beard. 」

「The vessel shook their head, accepting the blanket which wrapped around them before they head onto a nearby seat and sit down. 」

(Male Voice) ???: "Tch, can't talk. Poor kid." He yawned and went back on his driver seat. "If you can't talk, I supposed I bring you to the police. They know what to do with you. Oh god, if my girlfriend sees you like this, she'll end up overreacting. So tired. Well, I'll go for one more drive for the evening. It wouldn't hurt."

「The bus started running, the engine growled, and the smoke puffed from the back of the vehicle. It then moved forward, starting a small trip to a police station. 」

「There on out, it's a quite ride with the vessel thinking to themselves. Something feels a bit out of place. It felt as if leaving her wasn't the right choice. They sighed and laid on the long uncomfortable seat, their hands holding onto the silver amethyst amulet. This was from Windi when they had completed a few puzzles to get it. 」

「Tired, they closed their eyes and slowly dose off to bed, falling asleep in the bus... 」

<> Location <> [OBLIVION'S MIND SPACE]

Oblivion: "...Guide..." Nothing else, only him stood in front in the center of pitch darkness. "I don't feel good about this. This goal you mention. Do I really have to reach to the core? I don't like this at all... I heard it. Your voice. I heard it back there. I believed that you made the right decision. I don't know anymore. Something feels so missing. I want to go back. I want to go back there. I want to change my decision."


"I want to change the past."



◇ Option Chosen ◇ [] Purify [] ◇

◇ 「Purify... 」 ◇

「For some reason, they thought they heard someone else. Although perhaps it's their inner mind telling them to "purify". 」

「The vessel remained persistent in trying to help Windi their way. Their trust dependent on the one that guide them and even Etheio who tried their best to get this far and only leaving up their trust to someone they tried to kill. They looked at her and smiled, not going anywhere and avoid taking this free opportunity to skip all of ruins and be outside right away. 」

「It wouldn't hurt to stop the progress of going to the CORE for just a while. Trying to heal someone's emotional may be more important. If this is the correct option. They have their belief, and they'll stick with it. They're sure Etheio and perhaps some unknown friends of her would've done the same. 」

Windi: "Why are you still standing there? Don't you want to exit these ruins? Don't you want to go home? Don't you have a family. I know you can't speak for yourself, but do you have anything worth going outside for? Please, don't worry about me. I am fine and I can be by myself here. It's a short-term thing. I-I-I can---leave me alone please."

「As much as it hurts to refuse her offer, they shook their head and stood there, reaching their hand out for her. 」

「The red fireflies all flew away from her, revealing a folklore creature, a monster that haunts the forest and the moonlight. The beast with claws and a red eye glare within its large deer skull. Cold air blew from the mouth, and the aura shown its intense emotion of despair and the death that approaches. 」


Windi: "PLEASE GO! I'm a monster. I don't deserve to be alive. I shouldn't be. I'm only just a fake personality. I'm only just a stolen life. A thief!" Cloak shoot upward before calming resting on their body. They were on the ground, slime sticking to the floor and their hands now had bone stuck to them, acting as claws. "I am the WENDIGO. And there's no stopping me from realizing my true nature."

◇ Entering Self-Defense State // THE CORE IS RESONATING ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel with fear in their eyes, the immense horrid aura emitted from the beast herself, Windi that is no longer that gentle and kind slime girl. Now a tall beast over twice their size with their mind being lost within their skull and cloak. This is no longer Windi but a monster like she claimed to be. 」

「They had the first advantage and decided to [Check] on the creature in front of them! 」

[] Slime Wendigo // The true nature of Windi. The beast that hid inside her traumatized mind. Her soul resonates with the CORE. // Highly Resistant, 50% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

[] Passive Skill: Upon reaching 50% Purification, enter Next Phase and restore all Mana for Oblivion. // During this Phase, when Oblivion take damage, her A.A.P is reduced by 10% down to the maximum of 20% and her Resistant goes down slightly. []

「It seemed like she has passives herself. They understood what to do and prepared to dodge her attacks. 」

◇ Slime Wendigo's Turn ◇

Slime Wendigo: "..." She lost herself, unable to speak and now became her original self.

「The Wendigo raised her claws before dashing toward the vessel in a close-range combat. She moved her right and swiped it at them before doubling up with the left one. Despite being quick attacks, the wind from the force made them fear thought they successful avoided the first turn with her. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Oblivion raised their hand just like her but instead of attacking, it's a [Purify]! The flash caused the monster to growl, emitting more cold air from her mouth. If they do it enough time, it shall somewhat tame the beast. Unlike Etheio, she has less resistant to their purification unlike him. Keep it up! 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 10% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Slime Wendigo's Turn ◇

「The Wendigo roared before her claws glowed bright red, matching the color of the fireflies. Her eyes illuminated even more as when she moves, trails of light appeared. She went left and right, dashing before it charged in and double claw toward the vessel. However, they managed to dodge it just in time! 」

「However, they didn't expect her to dash once more and perform the same move, only slightly faster! Her claws slashed at the vessel, causing a huge deep cut in their arms and body! All regenerating afterward, consuming half their mana! 」

◇ -50% Mana ◇ 50% / 100% Mana ◇ -10% A.A.P for the Slime Wendigo // -5% Resistant ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They raised their arm and perform [Purify] again, hoping that they could hold on to a bit longer with only half their mana. She would only deal less than half since she hit them once. They have only two hit to survive left. 」

◇ +15% Purity ◇ 25% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Slime Wendigo's Turn ◇

「The Wendigo roared even LOUDER! The whole area around them started to shake as the moon shone more light upon her. She swiped her claws at the vessel, creating magic slash projectile in the color of her eyes. The speed of these slashes is abnormally fast! The vessel dodged the first one but then the second one hit them after, sending them onto the ground! 」

◇ -40% Mana ◇ 10% / 100% Mana ◇ -10% A.A.P for the Slime Wendigo // -5% Resistant ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「As their health were low, they had no choice but use an [Item] and the only healing items left are the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle] and the [Green Moss]. However, the moss will permanently reduce their speed until this encounter ends so the honey is currently the best option at the moment. 」

「They consume the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle]! 」

◇ +60% Mana ◇ 70% / 100% Mana ◇ Regenerate 20 Mana per Turn for 3 Turns ◇

◇ Slime Wendigo's Turn ◇

「She dashed toward the vessel, causing them to avoid getting close to her but she swiftly followed up with a double slash projectile when they got a bit farther from her. However, with the dash ability, they made it through with no problem! 」

「As they thought their turn was available, the opportunity has not present itself just yet. The beast circled around them in high speed before stopping and going at toward their side. Just when the vessel dashed and phase through them, the Wendigo spun around and grab, tossing them hard into a nearby tree! 」

◇ -30% Mana ◇ 40% / 100% Mana ◇ -10% A.A.P for the Slime Wendigo // -5% Resistant ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

◇ +20% Mana ◇ 60% / 100% Mana ◇ 2 More Regenerations ◇

「They coughed before falling down the tree and back onto their feet. With reaching this far and taking some severe damages on their mana, they ended the first phase with a [Purify] even at a far distance. As long it aimed at the intended target, the effect still works! 」

◇ +25% Purity ◇ 50% / 100% Purity ◇

「The Slime Wendigo calmed down a bit. She paused in the center of this forest, with the nighttime spotlight casting a huge circle over her. The fireflies in within the forest trees started to fly around in a slow pace. Everything became suddenly quiet... 」

「The vessel didn't know what to do. They're afraid to get close but they had a feeling they have to. She isn't fully purified but this has to be some sort of opportunity. They get close and noticed a soft warm aura around them. Their hands reached forward and felt the barrier that's between her and them. 」

「Suddenly their soul started to pulsate before their mind entered into a dark void... 」

<> Location <> [WINDI'S MIND SPACE]

[] 92 Years Ago // Outside Courtyard of an Orphanage []

「A place outside of a large orphanage on the edge of a town fully made and filled with busy humans, the area filled with kids without parents and under the care of multiple caretakers. Since the orphanage is located at the edge, it was very close to a nearby forest, but it seemed blocked off with a metal fence. 」

「There was a girl next to the orphange's walls with a positive smile. She was quite young, around the same height as the vessel and she waved in front of them who was sitting against the wall. 」

「The vessel jolted awake and see the girl in front of them, seeing that the girl had hazel eyes and a red hair, near the tone of orange. Her hands, tan in color and waving right in their face. What is this?... They look familiar to Windi. At least her hairstyle is. 」

(Young Female Voice) ???: "Silly! Wake up! Guess what I found yesterday!" She smiled as she picked him off the ground and stepped back. "You sleep too much. You should go play with me instead! Buuuut, first! I have something to say to you!"

Oblivion: "Windi?" He spoke, realizing he could speak in this world... He looked at their gloved hands and his body but they're still an Obsirose.

(Human) Windi: "Hmm? What is it?" She leaned in with a curious expression.

「The vessel paused for a moment and glanced around, not adjusting to what's going on now. There were other kids, playing with their own friends. And then there's Windi, standing in front them, perhaps a younger version of Windi? That doesn't make sense since she is supposed to be a creature of the core. 」

Oblivion: "Never mind..." He took a deep breath before going along with her. "What is it that you want to tell me?"

(Human) Windi: "So yesterday, I found a group of red fireflies roaming far into the forest over there!" She points at the pine tree forest behind the metal fence. "They were pretty since I never seen them before and I tried to tell the others, but they don't believe in me, saying I'm delusional and lying. I mean, the caretakers never let us go into the forest so of course I'm not telling the truth, hmph!" -~-

Oblivion: "I think you're telling the truth. Red fireflies are real." He spoke the truth as he smiles and glanced over at the forest behind her. "I see them before and they're very red and pretty. They glow in the dark well."

(Human) Windi: "Oh really!?" She giggled as she took his hand and get him over to the fence. "Say, the caretaker isn't outside, so they won't be stopping us. Want to explore in there? I bet we'll find more mystical creatures if we do!"

Oblivion: "I---"

「The vessel mind blanked for a moment, everything turned dark as they held their head with a throbbing headache. 」

[] Nighttime []

(Human) Windi: "Come on! I can't just stand and wait for you." 

「Their sight returned, and they were inside the dark pine forest, glancing around. The sky had a bright full moon shining over them. It seemed that time has passed forward suddenly as if it's sped up to the main part of a memory. 」

「Windi waved over as she started strolling through the forest. The vessel followed behind her, a little farther away but at least she's still in their sight. 」

Oblivion: "Uhm, guide. This is another dream, right? The same one before when I fell asleep. You have to be here, right?" He whispered, hoping that the "Guide" would hear him. 

◇ 「Yes. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "That was voice I heard back there, telling me to purify her. To not abandoned a friend. You're still watching me. I'm not so alone when I explore by my myself." He said as he noticed that Windi gotten far away from him.

「They hurried up to her, catching up to her fast pace. However, they stopped due to Windi standing still and staring the darkness ahead of her. The moonlight still lights up the forest however it also lit up a par of glowing red eyes in the distance. 」

Oblivion: "W-Windi? We should head back. I don't think it's safe to stay out here too long." He spoke all nervous and afraid of the eyes that glared from within.

「Windi did not hear them. Her eyes fixated on the red glow that slowly grew deeper. The ground trembled as the beast of the forest gotten close, more of the creature visible with black fur, sharp claws, and the deer skull it has on. As it got close, there snowflakes coming from the sky, and red fireflies emerging from behind it. 」

Oblivion: "Windi!" He stepped forward and tried to grab her hands but it only phase through. "Windi? Windi!"

(Human) Windi: "There it is. The red fireflies. I wasn't lying at all. And there's something else. A wendigo. It's real..." She stood there and looked at the tall beast that now stood in front of her. "If I had a camera, I would take a picture of you. A fantasy creature from the books coming to life."

「The vessel in a panic stood in front of Windi and tried to get the creature's attention by using [Purify] on it. However, they did not notice them as if they weren't real. 」

(Human) Windi: "W-what are you doing?" Her eyes turned into fear as she saw the Wendigo's arm raised up high.

Oblivion: "Windi! Run away!" He too was afraid for her, standing in front in hope of blocking the attack...

「The beast's arm phase through the vessel, their whole body moving passed them and instead had clawed Windi. They turned around and could see the back of the Wendigo. Their body froze, trying to process what happened but with the creature blocking the way, it was difficult to make out with it. Their vision started to be blurry. 」

(Human) Windi: "..." There was no shouting or panic. "...I don't know what to expect. This hurts, my body, it stings. I forgot that wild beast could attack. I'm so stupid... But it doesn't matter though..."

「Her footstep went forward, stepping on grass and branches on the ground, heading toward the Wendigo. 」

(Human) Windi: "...I can't feel my arms. But I don't care. Everything doesn't matter for me because... You're real... This feeling of hurt is real and that means you are too. I want to head back and show to the others that a Wendigo attacked me... That would be silly though. They won't believe me regardless."

「The footstep stopped until the vessel saw her arms wrapped around the leg of the Wendigo. The beast who had lifted its arm again has stopped mid-way. 」

(Human) Windi: "...To be honest, I prefer it this way. Dying by the hand of a creature I believe in... I have no one... No one at all..." She closed her eyes and grasped onto the Wendigo with whatever strength she has. "...No one likes me. I'm just a delusional girl with no dreams, no friends, nothing..."

「She kneeled down, knees on the grass with her head against the fur. 」

(Human) Windi: "...Thank you..."

Oblivion: "W-W-Windi..." Realizing that he couldn't do anything, he started to frown and become upset...

「The whole world vanished and became an endless void. A person stood in front of them. It was the real Windi but instead of being a mindless Slime Wendigo, she only had the skull equipped, staring directly at them. 」

Windi: "That girl that you say. That wasn't me."

Oblivion: "W-what do you mean? I don't understand." He rubbed his eyes, trying to control the despair brewing within him. "That's you, right? She's the same person."

Windi: "No, she is not. I'm not that girl, I'm the other one. I'm that Wendigo. The one who attacked her. I'm that one beast without remorse, going their way to kill anyone. However, I wasn't expecting the real Windi to be appreciative. Why didn't she just run away from me. Why... What a stupid girl..."

Oblivion: "...You're not the real Windi?... I-..."

Windi: "I'm not the real one. Back there when she collapsed and no longer breathing, for some reason, her soul started to resonate with mind. I'm not sure why but I started to feel real thoughts surging in. Not just instinctive mess of a beast. I stared to see the mistake I have caused. The sight of the red guilt I have on my hands..."

"Is this what you wanted to see? The real me and not some Windi persona I have taken for myself. I've taken everything from her. Her sorrow, her loneliness, her soul. Her whole being itself and formed in a shape of her. I'm a fake. An identity thief! I'm nothing but a monster that takes a personality of a human!"

「The void cracked like glass, started to crumble before it fully shattered! 」

<> Location <> Forest of the Moonlight

「This time, the moon started to change its moon phase, going in a circle of revealing light and removing the spotlight. It continued to repeat, slowly changing to each phase. As for the frees, they were set ablaze by ruby fire and the ground having small cracks in them. The whole place is falling apart! 」

Windi: "I wanted to be left alone and drown myself in my own guilts. But you just have to try to help and now you seen it all. You seen it! You shouldn't forgive me! You shouldn't care for me! I'm just going to end up doing the same mistake and grrrrRRR--- I TOLD YOU RUN AWAY! WHY DIDN'T YOU DO IT!"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAVE I TOLD YOU TOO!?..." She placed her left hand on her Wendigo skull and claws formed from the crystallization of the orange slime. "I can't control it. Please... STOP ME! PLEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!"


◇ Entering Self-Defense State // Continued // THE CORE IS OVERLOADING!!! ◇


◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel took a deep breath and nod, going into a stance as their current objective to finish the purification process. They have to break the negative emotion and mindset from her. They have to free her from the chains of the PAST! 」

「The [Action] option glowed up. They decided to [Check] her first, seeing new information that's provided! 」

[] Windi Anenstia // A false persona and a monster. She doesn't want to hurt the Vessel but her conscious is somewhere else. Please help her! // Highly Resistant, 30% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

[] Passive Skill: When she hit the Vessel, gain 1 Stack of Guilt. Upon reaching 3 Stack, become Immobilized. []

「Windi... 」

◇ Windi Anenstia's Turn ◇

Windi Anenstia: "..." She lost herself once again, her true self lost somewhere.

「She warped instantly in front of the vessel, her claws set ablaze of ruby fire, scorching the bone of the deadly weapon. 」

「This is it... Let the last chapter of this moment... COMMENCE! 」


「To Be Continued... 」

★ This is the SLIME WENDIGO ★


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ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory One: Slime Heart - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)



Posted by Tyhond - January 9th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.6: Etheio of the Ruins

(Word Count: 5100+) // Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Previous Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.5: Autumn Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.6: Etheio of the Ruins - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「Now is not the time, focus, the vessel is in a dangerous encounter with a boss! There isn't much you can do except watch them but in the case where they do fail, remember that they still have the goal and to never give up on it. 」

「The rest is up to them... 」


[] Memory 1.6: Etheio of the Ruins []

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins H-2

◇ Entering Self-Defense State // WARNING: BOSS ENCOUNTER ◇

◇ Etheio has First Turn! ◇


「He yelled as he raised up his hands and casted a fireball before he immediately tosses it toward the vessel. However, this time they're more prepared and had some practice with dodging different attacks. They stepped to the side and avoided the flaming ball which it landed on the ground and vanished into smokes. 」

「This caught them by surprised as they weren't expecting for them to dodge their attacks so swiftly, despite them being small and fearful of himself. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel's leg shook a bit, fearing that he'll get hit quite soon. But they try not to hesitate and use [Check] on Etheio! 」

[] Etheio // Guardian of the Glowing Ruins. Extremely prejudice against the Obsirose and Human, putting up a dangerous front to eliminate them. // Extremely Resistant, 30% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

[] Passive Skill: Upon taking damage from a [Fire] Ability, lose 5% Mana next Turn. // Upon taking damage from a [Lightning] Ability, reduce Movement Speed by 20% next Turn. // []

「There're passive skills on the opponent!? This is the first time that has appeared but then again, this is a boss encounter which mean it's harder than normal. This might take a long while to even get pass this guardian of the ruins. 」

「The vessel felt discouraged and doesn't seem like they want to fight Etheio. They should've turn back... They have self-doubt... 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "You can dodge huh... WELL DODGE THIS!"

「He shouted as his hand charged with electricity before he moved his hand forward. There was a tiny spark on the ground underneath the vessel, but it was too late as they didn't notice that it was under them! Lighting created from the ground and ceiling, zapping them and disrupting their flow of mana. 」

◇ -30% Mana ◇ 70% / 100% Mana ◇ -20% Movement Speed for 1 Turn ◇

「The vessel would've yelled if they could, stumbling back and felt their body becoming a bit numb from the electric attack. 」

Etheio: "How are you STILL ALIVE FROM THAT!?"

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The thought about [Purify] might be impossible however, the [Action] instead going to do well since they can't speak. Using [Item] like the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle] might work but he knows Windi and with the prejudice against them, they only grow to be more enraged. The only option for them is to brute force this battle and they survive at the end of this. 」

「They attempted a [Purify], knowing it might not have much effect on him! 」

◇ +5% Purity ◇ 5% / 100% Purity ◇

「Barely did anything. Nineteen more to go... 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "What was that supposed to be? Whatever it is, IT'S NOT WORKING!"

「Etheio raised both hands, charging a thunderous energy on his left and flaming aura on the right. He then casted fireballs, six of them circling around himself. Each one of them slowly disconnect from the circle and move toward the vessel. 」

「They were a bit slower than one singular fireball, however, they had to dodge six time in the row. On the last on, there were another spark on the ground and with a quick reaction, they hopped forward over the last flaming orb as they also made a close call with a lightning stroke where they were at! 」

「Despite their own speed being down a little, they still could see the attacks. That was a close one! Their movement debuff has ended. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「An idea occurred and realized that Windi went away to get a box. What if they try to stall the battle and wait for her to come back. She'll definitely stop him from attacking the vessel. They check the [Action] option and found out that they could use [Guard]! 」

[] Guard // A buff that boost defense by 10. []

「With this awareness of using stopping their whole body from taking damage, they'll use their arm to mitigate some of the mana lost. Their focus is being on the defensive! 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "I don't know how you got here. But I won't let you continue to be here! SAY YOUR LAST PRAYERS!" >:(

「Etheio casted lightning strike first, getting the vessel to move around the place and dodging. After luring them into the center front of him, he the raised her right arm and summoned a tall firewall, blocking their view of him as it started to move slowly toward them. 」

「The vessel didn't know what to do. The wall of flames stretched very wide with their only is to run through it and take damage instead! They couldn't jump that high either and they didn't have the time to run all the way to the side. This attack is impossible for them to dodge! They could see it approach closer to them! 」

「A flash of gray filled the whole area; time has stopped, and it seemed everything is some shade of black and white. --- 」

[] Silver Amethyst Amulet // (Equipment) // This amulet allows the user to [DASH]. The [DASH] has a short cooldown and can phase through any attacks. []

[] DASH! []

「The vessel instinctively followed the power of the amulet and dashed through the firewall with no damage taken! Their soul races with determination and excitement as they made it through an impossible attack. The colors returned back to their world, and everything resumed back to normal. 」

Etheio: "H-HOW! HOW DID YOU GO THROUGH THAT UNPHASED!" They had a shock on their face before becoming a bit nervous.

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They couldn't believe it themselves. Is this the power of the amulet!? The vessel took a deep breath as they walked backward, mentally thanking Windi for which seemed to be so many times. That slime wendigo did so much to help him whether it's being there or just the fate of how he is. 」

「Their eyes glowed bright yellow, ready to stall out the boss! [Guard]! 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "This is why I hate OBSIROSE! TECHNOLOGY THIS AND THAT! You stole our resource to make things in which you use against US!"

「He summoned a flaming wall toward the vessel which they could easily dash through. Then comes a pair of firewalls from the side as well and they easily dashed through before a little pause, then through the next one too. Another one snuck up behind the vessel and they could even [DASH] with their back towards it. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They had a bit of a smug as they use [Guard] again! 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "This world. This whole entirely CORE is supposed to belong to us! Why did you have to come in and ruin EVERYTHING!"

「Desperate, the casted ton of small fireballs and have them scattered toward the vessel like a bullet hell. As they dodge them, he followed up with a lightning strike with a small delay every time they stepped on the ground. 」

「They couldn't hold in their frustration and summoned a two-handed thunder hammer made from pure electric energy and leaped toward them. The vessel noticed and dashed behind them before the hammer hit the ground and flames erupts and move outward like a flaming shockwave! 」

「The vessel caught off guard, received damage from the shockwave below! 」

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 50% / 100% Mana ◇ -5% Mana next Turn ◇

「Their clothes caught on fire, but they swiped it off. The embers still lingered. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They use [Guard] once more! 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "Why... Just WHY! WHY WON'T YOU DIE!"

「And with a loud roar, maintaining a grip on the hammer, he charged at the vessel and spun around, releasing fire sparks that landed on the ground and moving all over the place. 」

「With the erratic movement of the sparks, the vessel stepped the wrong way and their feet that went on of it engulfed in flames. They shook it out and tried to endure the length of his attacks. After a short while, he became tired and stop. 」

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 30% / 100% Mana ◇ -5% Mana next Turn ◇

◇ -5% Mana Burn ◇ 25% / 100% Mana ◇ 

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The embers that had attached to them spark and they took a bit of damage for it. They weren't happy with that and now there's another ember attached to them. 」

◇ -5% Mana Burn ◇ 25% / 100% Mana ◇ 

「They were low on mana and decided to use [Item] and take out the [Warm Orange Cider]! Tasting the sweet cider in the middle of a rough battle refreshed their mana and made them fully ready to continue for some more! 」

◇ +80% Mana ◇ 100% / 100% Mana ◇ 5 Defense Point for 3 Turns ◇

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "Why are you drinking in the middle of the battle!? Are you MOCKING ME!?"

「He growled and tossed the hammer at you due to immense frustration! When the hammer landed, it caused a huge energy explosion which the vessel ran away with a close call. The area's ground seemed to be in rough shape due of his weapon. 」

「Smoke emitted from his breath. It's clear that he has wasted so much mana just on trying to defeat them. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

◇ -5% Mana Burn ◇ 95% / 100% Mana ◇ 

「[Guard]! No times for breaks, got to keep defending themselves! 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "..." 

「His breath emits even more smoke, his eyes shut off and the room started to get extremely hot. Getting close to him might result in a burn. Even the river beside him started to boil up and the few blue flowers that weren't picked up off the ground wilted. 」

「He waved his arm and bit of electric spark appeared in a straight line. The vessel wasn't sure what this ability was this until he became shocked with a lightning strike that appeared horizontally instead of vertically! 」

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 75% / 100% Mana ◇ -20% Movement Speed for 1 Turn ◇

「Now there's more to the lightning skill than just hammers and spark from above! 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「When will Windi appear!? They don't have much time left as it seemed the area is going to be way too dangerous to even be in. Once again, they kept their [Guard] up and prepared for more surprised from Etheio. 」

◇ Etheio's Turn ◇

Etheio: "..." He refuses to talk again...

「Etheio silently raised both hands up, what seemed to be a small orb made of pure energy started to form and become bigger and bigger every second. Is he exhausting all his mana for this attack!? 」

「The vessel prepared for his devasting attack. They watched carefully as the orb of energy grew to even bigger than them! 」

「In the mist of the dangerous encounter, the energy orb reabsorbed back in Etheio as he heard a voice from behind him. His visor regain sight and he quickly turned around to notice that Windi is back already, having a box in her hands and which she dropped it on the floor. 」

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

Windi: "Etheio... What are you doing to him? Why are you attacking that boy!? I heard noises even from far away. I thought nothing of it and picked up the box... But the ruins, it's crumbling a bit. Something happened and... You... You're attacking him!"

Etheio: "I... Windi. Look, he's an Obsirose! He's the one who stripped the resource from the land, taken over many parts of the CORE! Things that once belong us---"

Windi: "SHUT UP!" She shouted her eyes glowed bright red. "You think someone like him could've done that. No. Don't blame all your frustration on the first human-made, sentient robot you see."


Etheio: "It's them... They were cruel to us."

Windi: "No... You were cruel to them, Etheio." She had orange tears coming from her eyes and she touched her head as she had a bad headache. "I don't care if you hate the Obsirose or the human. Don't do it to someone whose only just a... kid."

Etheio: "Windi? Are you... You don't seem to well..." He calmed down, looking a bit guilty after what he done.

「His hatred toward the Obsirose still remained but he no longer has the attention or the mood to get rid of the vessel. He just slowly approached Windi in an attempt to convert and help with her feelings and headache. 」

Windi: "...If that was a human child, would you have the audacity to kill them?"

「Etheio paused for a moment. He looked at her then glanced over at the ground with a long paused. He would, wouldn't he. The same thing he would do to the vessel. To eliminate the things, he hated the most. 」

Windi: "...Leave me alone..." She spoke to him before walking away, still having this pain in her head.

「Etheio approached her and reach his arm out but a fierce some aura blasted from Windi, causing him to stagger back. 」

Windi: "...Just leave me alone!" She shouted before sprinting away. With each step, the floor began to crack wherever she goes. "I don't want to deal with this anymore. I don't! Don't dare to follow me either! DON'T!"

「As Windi left, Etheio looked over at the vessel, upset. He clenched his fist before chasing after her like a stubborn person he is... 」

「... 」

「...The vessel wondered if it's their fault. If they exist in this ruins and meeting Windi caused this to happen, they should listen to what Pearl has said and go the other way. It was their fault... All of it. This could've been an exploration of finding the exit and letting Windi and Etheio continue one with their life... 」

「The Glowing Ruins doesn't seem to be in good shape either. It seemed Windi's emotion is causing the place to be more ruined than it already is. Not even Etheio could cause this much chaos. 」

「They wonder if they should resolve this. They wonder if doing that will make it worse. What should they do? The vessel shouldn't ignore this at all... It's Windi. She was so kind to them and do so many things. She hasn't really yelled or blame them so they could still fix this mess since it has to be the right thing to do. 」

「Right?... 」

「The vessel took a deep breath and chased after Windi. They hope both of them haven't gotten too far away. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Crumbling Ruins A

「As they traveled through the corridors of this area, they noticed small pieces of rocks falling from the ceilings. The place isn't do so well. Up ahead, they could see collapsed rubbles broken from the inside. Luckily it didn't happen when they were there. 」

「The glow berries on the vines seemed to flicker with half of them dimmed down. The structure of the ruins is not the only thing affected by this. In fact, there were critters seen or at least there were but all skittered away out of sight in a panic. The sound of rocks falling and buzzing sound of these berries continued to emit, almost as if the whole place signaled to them that it's in pain. 」

「Or perhaps, she was in pain... 」

「The vessel reached the end of the large corridor and took a forced turn to the left as the right path has been blocked by too much debris. They hope they went this way or else there's no way to get to her. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Crumbling Ruins B

「They traveled into this room to see that Etheio was in it as well far in the distance. As they got close, it seemed back the way seems fine thought the man just sat against the wall, curled up and head on his knee. 」

Oblivion: "..." They wanted to say something but it's hard to get close to him after what they attempted to do with them. And in another memory too...

「The vessel ignored him for now as they have no way to communicate the problems. Instead, they access the situation in front of them. There were a ton of rubbles but when they walked around, it seemed the path is open. Not sure why Etheio is on the floor over there, but everything seems normal- 」

「When they took a step to the open space, suddenly bright red fireflies appeared from the rubble as they sense movement. Each step they take, they started to move. It reminded them of the puzzle they solved but there weren't no circle or diamond tile. It's just a bunch of things blocking their way, an obstacle in their path to Windi. 」

「They do have an idea where the fireflies could travel. As they went forward and attempted to get pass them, they somehow managed to touch the fireflies which ended up causing the vessel to push back toward the beginning of the opening. 」

「The force magic of those glowing critters are something different than just them guiding them back to the circle tile. This might take a while for them to figure out as the rubbles blocked their view and they have no idea where the red fireflies could go. Trial and error... 」

「Although with the ruins collapsing, there isn't much time left. 」

★ Note: This time, there are walls blocking the path. These disallow Movement between one tile to the next. Other than that, the same as usual. Use any movement to eventually reach the diamond tile. ★


「After a few attempts, they managed to make it pass all the fireflies and went toward the exit of this area. When that happened, all the red glows immediately flew right pass them and heading to the next area. Whatever happened, they move on, and it seemed the puzzle behind them is fully gone. 」

「Solution: Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right. 」

「The vessel decided to go back and confront Etheio, noticing that he hasn't budge from his spot for a long while. They got close and kneel down before touching their knee to get his attention. 」

Etheio: "...What..." He replied to the tap as he left up his head.

「They pointed at the opening and nod before standing up and heading toward it. A pause and a turn, they waved him over to their location. 」

Etheio: "I don't see any of those...! Don't tell me!" He stood up and sprinted passed them as he observed around and notice that there weren't any red fireflies here. "How did you this!?..."

「He paused for a moment before turning to look at the vessel. 」

Etheio: "I hate to say this..." He sighed but looked sternly at them. "I caused her to be upset. It should be me to fix this mess. But it seemed I can't get to her without your help. I don't know what you did but... Nnn-damn... I have to put aside my hatred. I need your help... I need your help to fix my mistake..."

「The vessel walked toward him and tug on his arm, giving him a nod of approval. Etheio glared at them before shaking their head and stepping back a bit. He went behind him and put his hands in his pockets. 」

Etheio: "Lead the way. But make it quick. I'm afraid Windi needs our help... I want to see her. But I'll let you be the one to calm her down..." They looked at the ceiling. "Go! We don't have much time left!"

「And in a panic as the ceiling on the verge of collapsing, they both headed toward the next area. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Crumbling Ruins C

「The sound of the ruins grew louder as there's so much it could handle. The Glowing Ruins and perhaps part of the Autumn Ruins might be gone if this continues. Where did Windi go? There seemed to be one route this whole path seems to lead. 」

「The ceiling of front of them crashed down and blocked most of the way. There was still a path left but it seemed the red fireflies is preventing them from meeting her. They really want to her to be left alone but at the same time, Etheio and the vessel couldn't let the ruins turn into a true ruin. All broken and nothing left of it. 」

Etheio: "I let you take care of this. I'm only good in combat. Or at least I think so until I met you... Pfft, do your thing and don't get us stuck here." He leaned against the wall as he waits for the vessel to complete the puzzle.

「A lot of weight is carried on their shoulder... 」

★ Note: Same as before. Don't let the Blue Deaths overwhelm you. ★


「The vessel thought it through for a minute before already figuring out the solution as this puzzle was a bit easier than the last one. However, it did make them think for a bit of time and time isn't something they should waste. 」

「Solution: Right, Up, Right, Down, Down, Right. 」

「They went ahead and made it pass all the obstacle before the same thing happened as before. The red fireflies moving ahead of them, perhaps to create more rubbles. Strange enough, they might not even cause it, but they sure take advantage of any walls to form a puzzle. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Crumbling Ruins D

「There was a new sound along with the others. The sound of crying from the distance. Most likely it came from Windi, and this made Etheio more worried than he already was. He went ahead in a desperate sprint to follow the sound of her. She was so close, and he almost made it before fireflies pushed him far back to where the vessel stood. 」

Etheio: "GAHH! Crap, they're back again!" He growled and looked over at the vessel. "Quick! Get rid of them now! Windi is close by! HURRY!"

「The vessel stood in front on Etheio and nod. This seemed to be the final stretch. One last time with the red fireflies. This time face to face without any walls. They only act upon as a puzzle which means it's for them to solve it! 」

「Windi... She is only behind that entrance. They don't see her at all but there might be a staircase leading downward. However, the fireflies glowed too brightly to tell but whatever it could be, they felt determined to undo this situation. Perhaps it isn't their fault at all. This is how fate guided them. 」

「Of course, Etheio is trying to fix too. Even though he unable to due to being in a weak state or unable to get pass the flying critters even with force. 」

Etheio: "These stupid creatures IN MY WAY!" He clenched his fist and glared. "If you need my help, I'm here. I can't stand still knowing I'm being GOD DAMN USELESS!"

「The vessel nodded and took a step forward... 」

★ Note: The final and perhaps the hardest puzzle for this Section. Ignore the far end with the 3 Deaths. Focus on the moving one instead. Good luck... ★


「There were so many of those creatures from all directions. However, that didn't stop the vessel from figuring out. Those fireflies always have a set pattern, and they don't change from that. It's always been like that, perhaps in the control of Windi who always made fun and pretty challenging puzzles. 」

「This time there isn't any walls, so the moving obstacle is the only thing they have to deal with. One less thing to worry about. 」

「Solution: Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down. 」

「Upon reaching to the exit, the fireflies all around started to make loud ear piecing noise that stunned the vessel and Etheio who didn't even participate in the puzzle. And after that sound, the fireflies rushed to create a wall in front of them which slowly moved toward them. 」

「The vessel panicked and step back a bit, noticing that those creatures never acted like this before. The puzzle fireflies aren't supposed to do this. They're supposed to complete the puzzle! But this time, they fully prevented them from continuing on. 」

「Etheio walked over to the vessel as he couldn't let the fireflies stop them. He seemed to know using magic against them isn't going to work and Windi is still sobbing over there... 」

Etheio: "I won't them stop you! I think I figured it out! GET OVER THERE!" He growled and ran right at the vessel before grabbing them and tossing them over the fireflies with their head almost touch the ceiling. "If you can't do it, then I help you do it! GO FOR IT! GET OVER TO HER NOW!"

「The vessel landed through the entrance and made to the next area. The fireflies for this area closed in on Etheio as they became hostile instead of being passive aggressive. 」

Etheio: "Don't mind me!... She doesn't want to see anyways. I CAN HANDLE MYSELF!" He covered his body into flame in the hope of preventing the creatures from getting too close.

「The vessel looked back at him and nod. They then turned around and see there's to staircases downward toward the bottom layer. They went for the right stairs... 」

<> Location <> Glowing Crumbling Ruins E

「There doesn't seem to be any fireflies here. The area in this place seemed perfectly fine as if the ruins didn't choose to break down here. However, there were a sense of aching in their soul, something about this seemed uncomfortable. The line between the bricks has bright red light coming out of it. The atmosphere on the floor were cold and made them feel like their leg is sluggish and tired reaching here. 」

「They then paused midway and looked down... 」

Pearl: "Do not blame yourself." She said as she still remained on their hat. "I got a few little quotes for you, Oblivion! This is this, whatever happens, it is just like that. There is no used to get upset. I mean, look at me. Who would not expect that I would appear for you and-" A flash occurred, signaling the use of [SAVE MEMORIES]. "-allow you have access to many useful features... To be honest, I do not know how we even got here. These ruins."

「The vessel continued to walk forward. Silent and closing their eyes, listening to the voice of Pearl. 」

Pearl: "Once we get out of here, let us figure it out. I want to know more about you and maybe more about myself. We both in the same boat, are we not? Hehe." She giggled and sat on his head, glancing around. "I wish I could tell you what is going on here. No infinite wisdom from poor little ol' me."

「The staircase seemed endless. Each step felt like there wasn't much progress happening. But at least they could see Windi, setting on her leg and holding the skull of a deer. That skull that usually on her shoulder, placed on her hands. 」

Pearl: "Please be safe. I know that sounds dumb since you could revert back to your memory saves but I really mean it! We both like a team! Remember in the beginning? I am your quality-of-life companion. And you do things that I cannot do..."

「And then there were silent coming from her. It seemed that she fell asleep again. 」

「...The crying had stopped a while ago. They didn't notice when they talked with Pearl. Now it's only the sound of footsteps on stone. The area has this intense red and orange aura throughout, and there is Windi, on their left side of them. Finally, the reach to the floor, the feeling of discomfort made their body want to give in and run away. 」

「The fear of the Wendigo... 」

Windi: "...I didn't tell you to leave me alone, did I? I just want to be left alone for now." She didn't bother to look at the vessel. "You can stay. I don't mind that... Can you listen to me. I try my best to destroy this ruin by accident..."

「The vessel nod and sat down, a dozen meters away from her since it's impossible to get close without the feeling being tired as if there's an invisible magic aura. 」

Windi: "Thank you..." She took a deep breath and looked at her skull with a smile. "Sorry for what Etheio has tried to do to you. I would never forgive myself if I came too late. In fact, I would hate myself if you had died back there... You're only just a boy, a lost and curious kid in these ruins and I left you alone to travel on your own. I acted all kind to you just to ignore and have my own selfish action of hanging out with him." 

"You're an explorer. An adventurous kind. I should've known you would've been bored living in my home."

「This is the route they've taken. This is the path they have no choice but to follow. They have to reach to the CORE. There is no time for them to rest as they eventually have to reach there at any mean necessary. They accepted your voice, Guide. 」

"Reminds me of another kid almost like you. Long time, a girl who seek adventures within a dark forest in which she wanted to prove to her friends that a certain creature was real. It was back when magic and fantasy was quite hidden and rare for them. People just finished with setting up. the human civilization."

"That girl only wanted to see what's true within this world. A fairytale that she once saw and wanted to see again. Without her friends believing, she was left alone in that forest, walking endlessly and perhaps wishing to see something again. Even if it's only her could see the darkness that lies within."

"A wendigo lies within that deep forest. They notice that girl by herself and due to the fact that they're only just a wild folklore creature, they have no sense of intelligent. Only the survival instinct, the thirst of the hunt."


"That girl..." Windi closed her eyes and hugged the skull. "She was very kind. Not even the ferocious wendigo could prevent them from their... soft and gentle hug. However..."

"...It was too late..."


「To Be Continued... 」

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.7: CORE Realization of Windi Anenstia - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)



Posted by Tyhond - January 8th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.5: Autumn Ruins

(Word Count: 5500+) // Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Previous Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.4: I Am Your Guide, Olivy - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.6: Etheio of the Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.5: Autumn Ruins - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「Do you like reading books? There's plenty in the library not too far from here. I'll let my friend bring you there. 」

Oblivion shook his head and smiled, holding tightly onto his blue cover book that has a heart-shape glass with a title named, "Glass Soul". Around the glass heart is a blue scarf alongside a star on the end of it. 

「Oh? What is the interesting book you're holding? I haven't seen that before. May I take a look at it? 」

Oblivion shook his head and told her that they didn't want to. He wanted to keep the book to read for himself and read the whole thing on their free time.

「Well, may I take a look at it when you're done? 」

He paused... He then nodded before walking away and continuing to read the "Glass Soul".

「It's time for you to continue their journey. Remember to reach the CORE at the end of this. At the moment, they're in the Autumn Ruins. You're unable to communicate with them but you're free to do so whenever they fall asleep. 」

「Good luck... 」


[] Memory 1.5: Autumn Ruins []

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins C

「The vessel walked into the next area of the ruins, founding themselves in a room with two paths and an edge. Both sides seemed to be well lit which means the path is forked. However, they could travel to both side if they wanted. In front of them is an edge where the bottom leads to the dark bottom. Perhaps to the lower layer. Jumping down from up here might lead to injuries, speaking from the vessel's memories during the Glowing Ruins. 」

「Which way could they go? Left or right. Both sides looked the same though they probably should head right first. Which, they ended up doing so as the right path is mostly the right way. At least they hope so. If not, they could always go back to the left. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins D-2

「As they traveled through the room, they noticed some large rocks grouped up in the left corner of the area. Not only that but there's seemed to be an odd-looking cat on top of it, staring at a green sludge on the ground near the walks. 」

「They went over to check it out but suddenly the sludge noticed them and formed a rounded slime shape creature that bounces away, making a sound of a bouncy ball. The cat on the rock seemed relief before they hopped down and noticed the vessel. The black eyes stared at them in contrast the white fur with tan and brown spots. 」

「Both of them stared at each other. The cat creature had top hat on the head and bandages over the mouth. After a while, the creature walked toward the vessel with two large legs and without arms as well. Strange. 」


◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「This signaled that the cat is hostile. Not sure why since the vessel had gotten the sludge slime away. Regardless, they will have to protect themselves. Of the bat, a [Check] on the creature's information. 」

[] Tokyo Tat // A Top hat cat that can't speak either. She seemed to be distracted by something else. // No Resistant, 0% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

◇ Tokyo Tat's Turn◇

「Tokyo Tat slowly waddled toward the vessel before she bumped head with their legs. However, it did no damage whatsoever. She stepped back and looked up before jumping on a nearby boulder. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel was confused for the moment. Was this creature trying to tell them something since she was so harmless to them? Not sure, the vessel attempted to [Purify] the cat but when the flash occurs, the top hat on Tokyo Tat's head floated upward and quickly absorb the light which in turn, prevented the purification performed by them. 」

「The top hat and landed back on her head which she had to nod a few times to adjust the hat to its original spot. 」

「It made the vessel confused as this was the first time the [Purify] doesn't work properly. What is that special hat she has? Whatever it is, the vessel doesn't have any idea and taking the hat from her might be mean. 」

◇ Tokyo Tat's Turn◇

「The cat just stared at them before looking away, ignoring their present entirely. A cat that engaged to hurt the vessel and now she wants to ignore them. What an odd creature of the ruins. At least they have no aura of prejudice toward them. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Since using [Purify] wouldn't work against Tokyo Tat, their only option is in the [Action]. However, they seemed more puzzles as the only option available is [Leave]. It seemed that the vessel has to leave the cat alone. 」

「They sighed and went away from the cat, leaving her alone for now and continue on with their journey. 」

「Tokyo Tat just watched them go ahead then proceeded to sit on the boulder. All they wanted to do is be left alone for now. From the sludge slime and from the vessel as well. Peace and quiet for the top hat cat. 」

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「What a strange encounter. The vessel walked and turned a corner to notice a large spot of green moss near the entrance to the next area. One last more thing to check before moving on since the moss stands out from the usually gray, orange, and brown coloration of the Autumn Ruins. 」

「They went over and leaned forward, curious about the green plant. 」

<> Interact <> Green Moss

「A green plant attached to the very corner of the wall, and closer inspection, it's dark green with a bit of greenish orange around the edges. It smelled like herbs you would put in food like a seasoning. It has a nice aroma for something that is just moss. 」

「And now the most important question is: Is the moss edible? The vessel doesn't know but it is a plant, so they took some off the wall and observed it. 」

[] Green Moss // Moss from the wall. It's potent with magical energy and it makes the user feel a bit uncomfortably calming. // Heals 100 Mana, Reduce Movement Speed by 10% until Encounter Ends. []

「It seemed edible, but they worried about the side effect and it's not the most appealing food either. However, it shall provide plenty of healing, so they placed it in their [Inventory]. It's time to move on from the moss. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins E-2

「This is the first. When they entered to here, there's a stone staircase which leads to the next area. The first encounter with a stair. Not only that, there's also a gravestone in the middle of the place along with grassless dirt that surrounded it. This room is quite odd since the floor were all grassy and green with a hint of ants skittering around. 」

「They hope they don't step on any of those little critters. It would make them feel guilty :( 」

<> Interact <> Gravestone

「The gravestone has no name but instead have a small deer headband placed in front of it, surrounded by a ring of orange, red, and purple flowers. Despite not having a name, there's also a small description on it that reads, "You were a kind girl. I wish we can become friends. You show me the light. I wish I can do the same." 」

「The vessel felt a bit saddened by the message and closed their eyes for a moment of silent for the dead. 」

「After a minute passed, they opened their eyes and went toward the staircase, leaving the room as it is and heading up toward the next location. 」

「But before they were able to, they jumped off to the side and landed on the grass as they noticed a light green slime ball heading toward their way. A huge ball bounced off the wall before turning into a slime creature when landing on the nature's ground. It was the sludge from before! 」

◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The slime's face began to form, and they could see a cute smiley face on it. It seemed quite happy and also a bit hostile as it has this urge to bounce toward the vessel without any thought of good morals. 」


「The vessel goes into a stance to prepare for the slime. They [Check] the happy bouncy creature first. 」

[] Green Slime // Level 1. This green slime loves to bounce as well as eat MOSS. // No Resistant, 15% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

◇ Green Slime's Turn◇

「The slime jumped onto the wall before it bounced and head toward the vessel like a projectile. Due to how slow the bounce, they had an easy chance to dodge as once the slime landed on the ground, the grass stopped it from bouncing again. Would've been annoying the floor was stone like in the other area. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel checked observed how bouncy the slime is and they got an idea of what to do! They [Bounce] by jumping up and down on the grass, showing the slime that they too can bounce! 」

「The slime felt happy and jumped up and down as well, following along with the vessel to the point where they're both in sync. Boing! Boing! Boing! 」

◇ Green Slime is now Perfectly Vulnerable! ◇

◇ Green Slime's Turn◇

「The slime gotten too excited that they began to bounce around, hitting the grass than to the walls and back onto the grass, repeated a few times. The jumping power of this creature amazed them as they able to even get off the grass while still moving around in high speed to the point that they collided against them. 」

「The slime gotten too excited that they began to bounce around, hitting the grass than to the walls and back onto the grass, repeated a few times. The jumping power of this creature amazed them as they able to even get off the grass while still moving around in high speed to the point that they collided against them. 」

◇ -15% Mana ◇ 85% / 100% Mana ◇

「The slime landed on the ground and looked up at the vessel, wanting to do more! 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「They commenced the purification process on the slime, using [Purify] to get the creature to be passive toward them. 」

◇ +100% Purity ◇ 100% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「Green Slime bounced away as it's now very friendly to the vessel that it realized jumping around too fast might hurt them. The vessel mentally wished them a fair well on where they're going. 」

「Come to think of it, there's an edge in an area they passed a while ago. They wonder if the creature would be safe and not accidentally jump into there. They didn't want to check on it since they're long gone and catching up would prove useless. And besides, the slime could get back up if they wanted to. 」

「Regardless, they went back up the stairs to the next area. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins F-2

「When they entered into here, there seemed to be a statue with blue glow underneath it. The statue being a dog instead of the blue cat as the other one. When they look around, there's fireflies all around and a circle tile right in front of them. However, there's the path forward with nothing blocking the way meaning this puzzle is optional. 」

「However, there is also a locked wooden door that is placed in front of the diamond tile. With curiosity, the vessel would have to do complete this in order to access the mysterious room unlocked by this puzzle. 」

「Same mechanics as before. Move the statues on the platform and what seem to be orange fireflies now instead. The vessel determined and by themselves, they planned out their movement on the tiles. 」

「They do wish someone would see them accomplished. So, they thought of you. 」

★ Note: Here's another optional puzzle. There's only one Movable Square but three Blue Deaths. Blue Deaths can overlap each other so in mind of that. Good luck! ★


「This puzzle seemed a bit complicated, but the fireflies do seem to overlap when they're on top of each other before going back to their original position. Having to deal with one statue isn't that bad but the number of fireflies is annoying. At least the first one near the circle tile was easy to ignore. 」

「Solution: Up, Right, Up, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Right, Right. 」

「After stepping on the diamond tile when the statue pushed onto its blue pressure plate, the door opened wide by itself followed with a loud pop of blue confetti! The puzzle been completed, and the reward is entering into the room behind the door. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins F-2 // Red Puzzle Room

「Upon entering the room, there seemed to be another set of puzzles however they're needed to be completed to have access to another door. This time, the statue in the room is a red cat and not only that, there's also a wooden sign on the wall. 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Sign

「It reads, "You're halfway done! If you are reading this sign, this means you be smart! I made this puzzle room for fun since no one is using this. So, if you managed to complete this room, there's a reward behind that door! Have fun and I believe in you! Your friendly neighbor, the Wendigo Slime." 」

「The vessel somehow felt glad there's more puzzle now. Especially when they're fully sure it's made by the same person, Windi. Only she made these types of puzzles and also the writing on the sign too. 」

「Just like many times they did this; they'll do it again. 」

★ Note: Keep in mind that you can go backward if you wish. There's no harm in doing so. From Left back to Right, Down back to Up, etc. ★


「This one became a little tricky for the vessel since one of the movements required them to go backward. A hopped forward before hopping back to the tile they were just on. After that part, the rest of the puzzle was easy for them. A push of the red statue and onto the diamond tile. Easy! 」

「Solution: Right, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right, Right. 」

「The door opened wide for them to progress to the final room. Two puzzles, first one being the blue and the second being the red. Now, they're curious what could be in the last room. What reward has awaited them. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins F-2 // Mysterious Room

「This room has only one light source and that's a singular lantern placed on a wooden table. The whole place itself was quite small and tidy, not big enough for another puzzle but enough to have something inside. 」

「The vessel glanced around but the table seemed to be the most interesting part of the room. There's a piece of paper, an ink pen besides it, and some sort of shiny trinket placed on top of it. But that's about it. There wasn't anything that they expected. They seem to think there might be some sort of food but that's just them. 」

<> Interact <> A Sheet of Paper

「There's a piece of paper on the table with the black written words easily seen under the lantern lights. There seemed to have both sides filled with words meaning there's going to be quite the large amount of reading. Nothing much for the vessel to handle. 」

「The front-page reads, "If you are reading this then congrats on complete the two puzzles. I made them quite hard to solve and the door sealed with a magic barrier so it's impossible to brute into here. But thank you. I've worked very hard are those just so anyone who completed them can obtained this amulet. The silver amethyst amulet is a trinket I got from a friend of mine. It supposed to bring increase magical capabilities but for some reason it doesn't work for me. Not only that, but I also don't think I want to wear fancy amulet anyways. So, you can keep it instead if you want. Hope you have some luck with it." 」

「The back-page reads, "And besides, if you ever encounter the friend who gave me this, they will understand once they see the amulet with you. They're a nice person that sometimes seem a bit bland at times. They're located in the Sacred Ruins, far away from here. Remember to wear a disguise to avoid confrontation with other creatures of the core. He won't mind but won't give such nice treatment. Thank you for reading this. Please enjoy my gift of the amulet as well as the ink pen since I won't use it anymore since I trapped it in here. Sincerely, Windi Anenstia. 」

「The vessel looked over at the amulet and picked it up. It seemed quite amusing for them as the diamond shaped amethyst goes well with their overall colors. They are still curious if the magic from this amulet would work on them. 」

「They [Equip] the [Silver Amethyst Amulet]. 」

[] Silver Amethyst Amulet // (Equipment) // This amulet allows the user to [REDACTED]. [The following information is blocked!] []

「The vessel became a bit confused by the information given to them. It seemed that the true info of the amulet is blocked from them from viewing, and they wouldn't be able to know what it is. For now, they kept it on until something happen. Not sure what, but they hope they're given the chance to. 」

「They sighed before picking up the pen which Windi stated that they could. An ink, quite smooth to hold and has a bit of weight to it. How much ink is left in it anyways? 」

[] Ink Pen // A writing pen with ink. Nothing special but quite useful when needed. []

「The vessel seemed done with this room. They waved at the singular lantern and paper a goodbye as if they're saying that to Windi who just spoke to them. It's time for them to head out and continue on their journey. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins F-2

「Back out here, it's time for them to move into the next zone. They don't know what to expect but they do wish to see more of what Windi have put around in these ruins. Enough with a brief pause, they began to stroll and enjoying the autumn vibe of the atmosphere. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins G-2

「This place is quite an interesting garden with the middle being the stone floors but the side having plots of lands held up but a square shape and planks. It seemed stable to handle soils alongside the plants above it which seemed quite green and healthy. Above each one of the square plots is some sort of lightbulb with a small pearl within it that lit up brightly. There was also a watering can next to one of the plot and other tools as well. 」

「Didn't know they have agriculture within the ruins but then again, perhaps a lot of creatures of the core needed to. 」

<> Interact <> Watering Can

「A green watering can made out of plastic which seemed to be empty at the moment. Perhaps someone, most likely Windi, has already watered the plants here. It seemed that the wendigo slime has many hobbies besides making puzzles. 」

「When observing around, there's a few more watering can. Perhaps there still water in those if they wanted to water some plants. 」

<> Interact <> Garden Plots

「There's plenty of these on both sides. The wet soil and fresh leaves of the plant gave them the appearance of healthy plants. These seemed to be plants that could regrow from the stem such at corn, tomatoes, beans, and much more. However, there's non-available to harvest as they're still developing. Once in a while, you do see little crawlers on the leaves such as a caterpillar slowly munching the greens. 」

「The vessel does notice an out of place garden plot that doesn't have any sort of edible plants growing. What could this one be? 」

<> Interact <> Flower Plot

「A garden plot at the way in the far end of the room that held a flower garden and a small wooden box painted white placed on the corner of it. You could see small insects coming in and out of it as those bugs went over the fully grown flowers. They're bees, honeybees that roam around the garden, especially these colorful flowers of different varieties. 」

「There is one flower that stuck out like a sore thumb since it's the biggest yellow sunflower that is almost taller than the vessel. 」

「They admired the sunflower before they noticed a voice coming from it. It doesn't seem to have a mouth- 」

(Sunflower) ???: "Wassup. Messing with the beeeeeessss? No no to that, stranger."

◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The sunflower started to sway left and right with its large yellow petal spinning around it. When this state activated, it seemed that the flower is hostile toward the vessel with a sentient intelligence. 」

「The usual process of using [Check] on the opponent in the beginning to learn about before moving on. 」

[] Sunflowey // A sentient flower that doesn't have a face. Another day at protecting the beeeessss :) // Low Resistant, 15% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

◇ Sunflowey's Turn◇

Sunflowey: "Stay away from the beeeesss, you robot. No one needs your present around here."

「The sunflower spun quickly before seeds from its head started to fall out upward high to the ceiling before it began to accelerate toward the vessel. This made them go away from the flower to avoid the projectile! This continued until part of the sunflower's head had some empty spot from using too many seeds. 」

「However, a yellow aura glowed on themselves, and the spot now filled up with new seeds in the use of magic. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Since using [Purify] could work, they seen the resistant of the creature and thought it be less effective to use now. They stick with their other options for now and the one that mostly peak their idea is the [Item]. The flower is sentient and definitely could see the vessel, so they'll most likely see the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle]! 」

「Sunflowey noticed but seemed a bit more agitated by the sight of it instead. 」

◇ Buff ◇ +5% A.A.P for this Turn. ◇

◇ Sunflowey's Turn◇

Sunflowey: "A robot with their honeys!? Thief! Those honey are for the beeeesss!"

「The flower stretched its stem and tried to attack the vessel with its rapidly spinning head. Due to its limited range the sunflower snuck in a quick spit of a seed that hit them unexpectedly. It then moved back and adjust to its original spot in the soil. 」

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 65% / 100% Mana ◇

「They winced has the seed had caused a crack on their arm, but it quickly regenerated at the cost of their own mana. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「With [Item] not being the best option, they instead see if there's [Action] to use on the flower. They gotten close within it range but instead of trying to communicate or touch it, they instead picked up a nearby watering can that still had water in and began to [Water] the Sunflowey. 」

「The sunflower enjoyed the watering and seemed a bit more peaceful toward the vessel for a moment. 」

◇ Debuff ◇ -5% A.A.P for this Turn. // Low Resistant changed to None for this Encounter ◇

◇ Sunflowey's Turn◇

Sunflowey: "This feels relaxing. I like this but you still a robot. Don't water the beeeesss!"

「The flower leaned back before it jolted forward, sending a cluster of sunflower seeds to hit them like a shotgun shooting pellets. However, the projectile speed is a bit slower, and the vessel treated it like that bouncing slime. Just move aside to avoid. 」

「The same yellow aura appeared, and all its seed regenerated once again. A sentient and magical flower, what a special kind! 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Since there isn't good option to choose since their resistant is removed, they went to [Purify] the Sunflowery instead! A flash from their palm toward the flower, making it a bit calmer towards them. 」

◇ +50% Purity ◇ 50% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Sunflowey's Turn◇

Sunflowey: "The bright light is too sudden. The beeeesss won't like it."

「The flower noticed that the vessel has gotten close, so it took its opportunity by leaning back and darting toward them. The sudden speed caught the vessel a bit off guard and ended up getting direct hit. Their shoulder received the full force of the headbutt impact! 」

◇ -15% Mana ◇ 50% / 100% Mana ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「With the final [Purify], the managed to successful purified the plant creature to prevent them from no longer harming the vessel! 」

◇ +50% Purity ◇ 100% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

Sunflowey: "I guess you are nice to the beeeesss. Sorry for all that. I thought you were a bad robot trying to harm us. I was wrong." 

「The flower sighed before it just went quiet and swayed slowly left and right, slowly absorbing the bright light from the light bulb. They could see the small particles coming from the ceiling and into the plant itself. 」

「The vessel sighed of relief as they were only half the mana left in their system. They hoped for Pearl to be awake, but it seemed now is not the time. They wonder if they could use an [Item] but it might a waste to have leftover mana not be in use. 」

「They could handle with half the mana and went out of this garden zone. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins H-2

「From the distance, the sound of water falling downward could be heard. It's constant and the sound grew louder as they walked into this room. After making it a quarter way, they encountered stairs again but this time, it led downward into a more different shade of colors from the autumn orange and brown coloration to the grayer and more faded blue coloration like the Glowing Ruins. 」

「It seemed that the thorny vines stopped at the beginning of the stairs but there was new sight of green vines without thorns but instead glow berries. More of them on the wall the further down they went. 」

「The Autumn Ruins and the Glowing Ruins are both very connected to each other. The staircase was wide and seemed to be an easy passage forward back between two types of ruins. Unlike the bridge, this area doesn't have any creature guarding it. 」

Pearl: "Wait!" Pearl leaped off the hat and went in front of them in a panic! "Don't continue! Sorry for waking up a bit late but don't continue here yet!"

「The vessel tilted their head a bit confused, but they'll listen to her. 」

Pearl: "Don't continue in this path. I don't know why but it's DANGEROUS! Something about the next area from here, I want you turn around and go the other way. There should be another route instead. Please?"

「There were two voices alongside the loud sound of water. They couldn't fully hear since they were still far away. They became curious about the voices but for some reasons, there seemed to be Windi's voice as well. At least the female one talking sounded like her. They had to go investigate. 」

Pearl: "... I can't stop you but wait a moment. If you going to go anyways, let me do this first. Stand STILL!" She activated the [SAVE MEMORIES] for the vessel before she routinely landed back on their hat. "There. You're fully healed, and you can return back to these memories just in case. I wish you fare well."

「The vessel nod and went down more, heading toward the entrance to the next place. The water and the voice slowly became louder and louder with each step. The clarity of the voice is easier understood as they were sure it was Windi! However, who is the other person? A male talking to her. It sounds familiar. 」

Pearl: "You can back out now if you want." She spoke before taking a nap. "...If you want."

「They shook their head, wanting to continue instead. 」

「Once they make it to the entrance, they hid behind the wall and peek over to see whose talking with Windi. Their curiosity has brought them to this point and now it has backfired as their eyes became fearful when they saw who it was. 」

「They recognized the person with Windi. They recognized that person from long ago. It was them. The one they hope in not encountering again. The blue fire humanoid with orange visor and fire-resistant clothes. The one with gloves and a vicious personality... But why is he so different unlike before? 」


「He stood next Windi who was sitting on the ground, picking up a blue flower that she found next to the waterfall river. The person doesn't have any anger but instead had a warm-hearted expression his face toward her. 」

Windi: "Look at this flower, Etheio! It looked just like you! I think it's very pretty and special since it's the first flower I seen that bloomed in your ruins." She said as she stared at the flower with happiness expressed toward it.

「So, the person besides her is named Etheio... He chuckled and had a small blush on his face, awkwardly standing beside her with his hands casually on the side. 」

Etheio: "It sort of looks like me. It doesn't have the orange though." He felt a bit embarrassed saying that and looked away for a moment.

Windi: "Don't say that. It looks just like you! The bluest side of you! It's the closest thing that resembles the great Etheio! Trust me, I can see the similarities."

Etheio: "I-I supposed. It looks like me just like you said." He chuckled before glancing over at the entrance where the vessel at before he tapped Windi's shoulder. "I got a favor to ask of you."

Windi: "Hmm? What is it? You can say whatever you want on your mind!" She stood up and smiled brightly. "What's the favor you're asking of me?"

Etheio: "Mind if you go into the Glowing Ruins, enter into my home and get me a box that has the tag "Surprised" on it for me." He paused for a moment and rubbed the back of his head. "Ahh, spark. Just head over there and get it for me. It's really important but don't open the BOX! Just don't! Please. Thank you."

Windi: She giggled and nod before walking away, waving at him. "Silly! I'll get that box for you, and I'll promise you I won't open it! Okay? See you in a bit Etheio!"

「Etheio awkwardly stood there and look down... Once Windi left, he quickly turned around and stared at the vessel who was spying on the both of them. His expression became angry and serious, his fist gripping and shaking a bit that spark of electric and flame appeared from him. 」

Etheio: "Come out from there. I don't enjoy people spying on our business. It's cowardly and pathetic. Out. NOW!"

「The vessel trembled as they stepped out and walked toward them before they stop. They didn't like the dreadful atmosphere around Etheio. Sparks zapped around him, and the heat rose up, making them sweat mana. 」

Etheio: "An Obsirose... You've made it this far and still walking and breathing. And why were you in her territory! Shamelessly entering in the ruins and exploring around here as if it's a playground!" He raised his right hand and grip before he swiped it to the side, thunder striking next to him. "This is no playground boy. They should've taught you not to walk in HERE! Since they haven't done that, I'll DO IT MYSELF!" 

「The river next to him began to grow hot and more lightning swirl around his body. Both his gloves set ablaze as he prepared himself to attack you. 」



◇ Entering Self-Defense State // WARNING: BOSS ENCOUNTER ◇


「To Be Continued... 」

★ This is Etheio Flama & Tokyo Tat ★


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Posted by Tyhond - January 7th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.4: I Am Your Guide, Olivy

(Word Count: 5400+)

Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

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「... 」


「Memories. There don't seem to be any here. Perhaps there's something about it that blocked the view. Not like there is much to learn about them regardless. What is important is that they reached their goal. Although, YOU don't know what their goal is to being with. Not like you understand what is going on. 」

「You only here to join them on their happy journey. Perhaps you lack the communication to speak with them. Unfortunate, however, I could make that happen. I can allow you to speak to the vessel if it keeps them on track. 」

「There isn't much to do but when they see them, tell them to head toward the center of this world. The CORE. I may not tell you how to get there as there's limit but whatever you do, you must not let them get distracted. You'll have to make their decision once you get the opportunity to. 」

「Do not disappoint... 」


[] Memory 1.4: I Am Your Guide, Olivy []

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Den

「The vessel stood there, in a pose, winking and pointing at a direction. They assumed that is one of the pose a cowboy would do. They then stopped as they sat down and felt embarrassed of doing that just to show his likeness for their nickname, "Lil' Cowboy". They pick up the cup again and stared at the dark orange liquid. 」

Windi: "T-that was really cute! You didn't have to do that. I understand you liked the name a lot. I can tell that it has some meanings like someone gave you that nickname before. I think it's a great one, Lil's Cowboy!" She giggled and picked up her drink as well, sipping it. "Remember to enjoy your drink. It's my homemade fruit cider!"

「They put the cup near their mouth and took a small sip from the cider, enjoying the intense sweet flavor of it. There were tangy orange and apple taste with a bit of sweet bitterness and spices such as cinnamon. 」

「The deliciousness of the cider made their face all happy and wanting more of it. They started to down the think even though it was quite hot. It provided warmth throughout their whole body, and soon, the cup became empty. It lingered warmth from what was once there. The hot cider. 」

Windi: "Slow down there, you might choke on the cider. It happened before. Not to me though but someone else." She chuckled and finished up hers as well before stacking the metal cups together. "You really liked them don't you. I'm glad. But to be honest with you, I made these using a recipe I got. Not really my original. At least I perfected it, and everyone loves them."

「She picked up the cups and head for the kitchen for a bit, putting them in the sink before heading back into the living room. 」

「Windi noticed that the vessel seemed a bit sleepy. Not sleepy due to low energy. They run on mana, but they do have a mana fatigue that affected their body. Their eyes half closed, staring and dozing off to the light of the lantern on the stump. They seem fixated until Windi clapped her hands to get their attention. 」

Windi: "Wake up a bit longer. I don't want you to sleep on the pillow on the ground. I know it doesn't affect me, but you probably have a different biology since you're the closest thing to a human." She went over to them and gently lifted them onto their feet. 

「The vessel startled from the clap, staring at Windi as they became wide awake, for a while at least. They noticed that she went over and picked them onto their feet before slowly guiding them toward the bed in the corner of this living room. 」

Windi: "You should sleep here. I sleep here since it's very comfy, but I let you this time. I can sleep on stacked pillows and blankets. Those are comfy too." She lifted and laid the vessel onto the bed; she then reached for the soft orange blanket and moved it over them. "You should recover. Close your eyes and fall asleep... Or temporarily turn yourself off. Not sure which works. I'm still learning about your kind."

「Windi paused and her eyes looked at the vessel with a sad look. Something about her expression made the vessel worried about what she could be thinking. They moved their hand on her arm, having a smile for her. 」


「She opened her eyes and stared at them with her smile back. They could tell that her eyes had a bit of sparkle, almost like she held in her emotion. 」

Windi: "I'm quite odd, am I not? I should be prejudice to your species but that's not me. Perhaps there's many others that are but I won't treat you that way." She stepped back a bit and turned around before picking up a lantern. "Lil' Cowboy... If I'm not back when you wake up, you could grab the honey bottle. Everyone with a conscious and communication skills will know who's that from. It's in the kitchen in the bottom cabinet."

「The vessel nod, slowly dozing asleep due to her soft and normal talking. Nothing exciting nor in the state to continue listening. 」

Windi: "I'll let you sleep then. Goodnight Lil' Cowboy. Or good morning. I can't tell..." Her voice slowly faded as the vessel closed their eyes and drifting to bed. "I don't even have a working clock. Sorry... I... See you..."

「...The vessel has fallen asleep... 」

「The vessel... Unlike human are unable to have dreams. However, they would past time quite fast and reached the end of their sleep period. Despite not having dream, there is something else as well. An opportunity. An opportunity to talk with the vessel themselves. 」

「Throughout the first three saved memories. Memory 1.1. Memory 1.2. And Memory 1.3. You had no interaction with the vessel. In fact, if you haven't noticed by now from the beginning, I am indeed a person. Refer to me as the guide. My goal is guiding the vessel toward them fated goal. 」

「However, there's a problem. I am unable to guide them myself. That is where you come along. You're here for a reason. Not just watching a journey of the vessel. You're here to help them not lose track. Have them reach to the CORE. If you abandoned them, then that is fine. For them, they better off enjoy their life and forgetting about their goal. 」

「But sooner or later, things won't end well for them. But it is your choice. In fact, this is your first decision. Do you wish to help guide the vessel or do you wish to end this here, leaving them alone. I won't be able to help them regardless. 」

◇ [] Guide Them [] ◇ // ◇ [] Leave Them [] ◇

★ Warning: You are given two options. The unintended option will appear first. You could read it or skip it if you chose the intended one. If you have read up to this point, thank you. If you are still interested in the story by this point, then you may "Guide Them". ★


◇ Option Chosen ◇ [] Leave Them [] ◇

「I see. This is the option you've chosen. I respect that. To be honest, perhaps this is the correct option you've chosen. Maybe it's not the right thing to force the vessel from completing their goal. What good come to that if they're going to struggle reaching there. 」

「The vessel... Or shall I call him by their system name, Oblivion. He's sleeping at the moment and without your guidance, everything will go normal. He will continue on with the life of this world. Perhaps refusing to seek the goal instead stay here, living among the creature of the core, especially being with Windi now. 」

「I have to congratulate you for reaching this far. I didn't expect you to even follow Oblivion at all if you were going to end here. But I cannot change your opinion at all. You allowed this to happen and now the only thing I can do is watch him. 」

「This is the end. Let Oblivion sleep here for a while. Let him enter the next day in the pursue of happiness instead. 」

「This is goodbye. 」

「... 」


「... 」


The sight of Oblivion, sleeping on the bed quietly with his hands over the blanket and a comfortable expression on their face. They sleep the same way as what a human does, looking like he's in a deep sleep, dreaming.

The light around them slowly faded and became dark. The sight of Oblivion is no longer there. This is the end.


The end...


◇ Option Chosen ◇ [] Guide Them [] ◇

「I see. This is the option you've chosen. I respect that. To be honest, I am not sure myself how this will go out for the future. You could've ended this if you wanted, letting the vessel sleep and continue on, perhaps having a better life, free of having to accomplish a goal that might bring plenty of struggle. 」

「Remember, this is only the beginning. Backing out now would only bring more trouble to the vessel. Once you're committed, you should not back away until the goal is reached to the peak of it all. 」

「Perhaps you don't care about the happiness for the vessel. Perhaps you wanted to see the whole world. 」

「Remember this: Y## W### M### T### D####### A#### 」

「But assuming you've kept on, you're never going to back down. 」

「You are the one who is called the "Guide". 」

「Remember. Please bring the vessel to the CORE... 」

「... 」

<> Location <> [OBLIVION'S MIND SPACE]

「The quiet void filled the whole world. This small world inside of the vessel. A mind space of theirs. When they appear, you'll be able to communicate with them. You are the "Guide". Your heart makes the decision. The choices. The words. 」

「However, keep in mind that once you're back in the real world, outside of this mind space. Communication with the vessel might be difficult. Talking with them might be hard to do and they're muted at the moment, unable to speak to you. 」

「Here there are. The vessel. 」

Oblivion: "H-h-hello? Where am I?" He walked onto the pitch-black floor, aimlessly walking around. No other sound heard except for his voice. Their yellow eyes glow but it did nothing to the void around them. "My voice. It's back? I don't understand! I-I can speak now."

「They look dumbfounded, discovering their voice was quite tough for them to believe. After all, it's only the mind space. Things that occurred in here is their mental state. 」

Oblivion: "Is this sleeping? I don't remember sleeping like this. I don't remember anything... At all." He sat down and stared off the void. "Windi... Are you here? I don't like this at all. I want to go back and explore. I want to be able to see things."

「But there was only silence. 」

◇ 「... 」 ◇

Oblivion: He stood up and glanced around, looking for something. "Is anyone here?... Oh, being alone in here making me feel things. For sure I thought..."

「They took a deep breath and walked around a bit, just making sure their mind didn't play tricks on them. 」

◇ 「... 」 ◇

Oblivion: "I feel it again. I don't understand this feeling." He put his hand on the back of their neck. "It's strange..."

◇ 「Hello. 」 ◇

Oblivion: He opened his eyes brightly, revealing a bright flashlight scanning around the place. "H-HELLO! I'M OVER HERE!"

「They desperately trying you, in hope of having some company in this dark world. However, you do not exist in this dark world neither the real world as well. The are only the "Guide", acting as their reminder of their goal. 」

◇ 「I can only see you. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "Only see me? What does that mean? I can hear you. Just follow my eyes and you can come to me. D-don't be afraid." He kept on trying in hope of finding you.

◇ 「You can't see me. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "I-I can't see you?... What? Uh---but I-"

◇ 「I am your guide, Olivy. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "G-Guide? Olivy? My name isn't Olivy, I don't think. It's Oblivion. Or you can call me by my nickname, Lil' Cowboy. That's the one that slime lady gave me." He slowed down his pace, still glancing but realized you might not be in present at all.

◇ 「Can you do something for me? 」 ◇

Oblivion: "Something for you? I mean, I don't mind. I just, a little confused. That's all. I'm not used to this." He looked up, feeling as if you were speaking from up there. 

◇ 「You have a goal. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "A goal? I have one? I-... I just been exploring this whole time. Maybe trying to get out of the ruins and find home. Or at least find somewhere to go to." They closed their eyes. "But... I like it at Windi's place. I don't remember anything from my past and I have nowhere else to go. I was thinking of staying safe there."

◇ 「Olivy! 」 ◇

Oblivion: "Y-y-yes? I-uhmm..."

◇ 「You have to do this. You have to reach the goal. You have to enter the CORE. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "The core? But--- I don't know where the core is... This is all happening too fast. I think I might be having... Uhhh-" He touched his head and open his eyes a bit. "It stings that I can't remember."

◇ 「You the only one. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "... I am?"

◇ 「Yes. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "I am... Guide... I think that's you right? You mention that you're a guide. All I have to do is find the core, right? The thing is, why do I need to. This seems a lot. Can you tell me where the core is?"

◇ 「Sorry. 」 ◇

Oblivion: "Sorry?... You don't need to apologize. I will figure it out. You can depend on me!" He smiled with his eyes opened and bright.

「And all of the sudden, the dark world began to glow, becoming bright until there is only the pitch white void. The vessel could no longer be seen and a moment of silence until the sound of insects gently grew louder. 」

「This is the end of this communication. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Den

「The white void faded and now it's back to being within the living where the vessel slept on a comfortable bed, free from doing anything. At this point, the time had passed, and their mana fatigue had been recovered. 」

Oblivion: "..." He jolted awake, darting his eyes around to notice that he was back into his world. 

「They attempted to speak but were unable to do so. It made them feel a bit upset and uncomfortable, no longer able to speak again but they're clear that they remember you. However, without any way to communicate, they just hope that it's all just a dream. Though they have lingering thought about it. 」

「The vessel got out of bed and took a deep breath before glancing around and noticing the empty atmosphere of being alone here. It seemed that Windi is not at home. 」

「They wondered if they could stay here and wait for her to return but then they remembered that they had a goal to reach to. They couldn't stay in this place forever and will have to move forward now that they have something to go toward. 」

「Back when they were asleep, they remember that Windi explained about something about a honey bottle and how other creature might react to it. Perhaps she might've signaled to them that they may leave if they wanted to, and the honey bottle might be a safe charm. Or that it's for them to eat as well. 」

「They looked up at the ceiling, wondering if you're watching them. 」

「Entering into the kitchen, they kneel down and opened the bottom cabinet to find themselves a few honey bottles. They only took one to not be greedy even though it would benefit them more to take all of it. 」

「They obtained the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle], however they won't use it to consume since they know they might need it for something other than eating the honey. 」

「They closed the cabinet and head back into the living room, taking a big observation trip around the living room. 」

<> Interact <> Living Room Bed

「The bed that the vessel had slept on. Comfortable and soft, especially the blankets and tons of pillows. It's a perfect bed for anyone to sleep on and fall asleep right away. It's the best one the vessel slept on. They wonder what else could compare to this big bed. They wonder if they do have slept some something very enjoyable before, but they don't remember. They decided to ignore that thought to not get caught up in it. 」

<> Interact <> Tree Stump Table

「The large tree stump placed in the center of the living room. The tree itself seemed to be placed there since it doesn't have any roots connected to the floor although, they are curious how they even got it in on the first place. It's way too wide. 」

「There's a lantern that still emit light and looking closely, there seemed to be a spherical orb placed in the center, the frame made of the metal and there were glass panel keeping the orb contained inside. There's a few of these scattered around the room and providing a light source everywhere. Even more outside as well. 」

「They remember that dark corridor back near the start of the Autumn Ruins. Windi wouldn't mind if they take one of the lanterns. She has many to spare so it'll be alright. They picked up the one on the stump table and placed it in their [Inventory]. 」

[] Glow Orb Lantern // This lantern always glow, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Provides plenty of light. []

「They moved on for now and nod to thank Windi for the items even though she isn't here. 」

<> Interact <> Purple Bean Bag

「Lizker still seemed to be asleep on the bean bag, looking like they're in a pleasant dream as its mouth started drooling. The vessel left them alone, not to interrupt their dream and keep them enjoying it as much as possible. They do wonder if the bean bag is comfy to sit in. 」

<> Interact <> Kitchen

「They checked the kitchen, and it seemed cozy in here. Perhaps the heat from the cooking of cider had left this part of the area very warm. They could see the pot on the stove where the cider at and there's wooden cabinet below and above, containing many different ingredients and stored item used in and from cooking. 」

「There even a cookbook that seemed to be filled with different recipes. This is what she meant when she says it's not her original recipe. Regardless, the vessel enjoyed that cider and wished they had more. She would mind if they got a refill, right? 」

「This felt like home. They took an empty glass bottle and filled it up with the orange cider using a large wooden spoon. The cider wasn't hot anymore but was warm instead which wasn't a bad thing. 」

[] Warm Orange Cider // The sweet orange, apple, and cinnamon cider. Warm but the strong sweet aroma makes up for it. // Heals 80 Mana and gain 5 Defense Point for 3 Turns []

「They could drink it now, but they save the temptation and drink it later. 」

「Or they could scoop it into a clean metal cup and drink it before they head off. Windi would mind. After all, she made the cider just for them to enjoy. It was delicious and despite being not as hot, it was a wonderful drink. 」

「After they finished, they placed the cup into the sink and head back into the living room. 」

<> Interact <> Leather Bag

「There's a leather bag left on the floor in the corner of the room. They noticed a book that slid of it and as they went over and picked it up, the leather cover had the title, "The Monster's Underground and the Determined". When they opened the book, they started to read a bit of the beginning, just curious on what it had to offer. This book is seventh in its series. 」

「The first page has the synopsis of the story. "Once upon a time, a kid entered into the cave and fell down upon reaching the edge. When they arrived at the underground, they are now trapped and the only way to escape is to go forward and explore. They end up meeting different monsters who could talk and act like human and what would happen next to this human this time unlike the previous one. What new monsters will appear and what's the ending going to be. Would it be the same?" 」

「They got curious and flipped to the next page before having a moment. A thought about how they "go forward and explore". It reminded them of you giving them a message to find their goal. To find the CORE. 」

「Unfortunate that they have to stop reading and instead have to go out and explore. They placed the book back into the back and sighed. They would've relaxed and read the book if they didn't have someone like you telling them what to do. 」

「It's for the best. 」

「That seemed to be all that they could check out in the Wendigo's Den. All that left is now exiting the den and find a way outside of the ruins. That would be a good objective for them to get closer to their destination. 」

「The vessel head outside, opening the door to outside the home. They will miss this place and it doesn't seem like they'll return anytime soon. However, they now feel determination in their soul, awaiting the adventure!... 」

「...Curious if they will see Windi again. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Entrance

「Exiting the den, they glanced around noticed everything is almost the same as it were before. The statues on the pressure plate but there were sky blue fireflies hovering around them. There were even some scattered and flying around the place. When they went to the center, they noticed even more in the other areas. They wonder why there's so many, although it's not a problem. 」

「It's nice to have even small friends accompanying the vessel. It makes them feel less alone, and that feeling is very low knowing that you're out there, watching them. At least that's what they believe. They are still unsure about it, but they kept on being hopeful that you exist. It might just be a dream after all. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins B

「Back to the sight of plenty of brown thorny vines on the wall and a slightly decorated space. The crunching autumn leaves is always in these ruins. The sound is nice and with each step, it felt playful for the vessel. 」

「Come to think of it, instead of heading forward, they should go back. They now have borrowed a lantern from the den and should be able to into the dark corridor with a bigger light source. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins A

「Right outside this entrance is the dark hallway with no light whatsoever. Not even a fireflies enter through there. They started to doubt whether their lantern would work in there but they're not sure unless they try. 」

「They took out their [Glow Orb Lantern] and approached the entrance to the darkness. It seemed that it does light the way and they could see the path ahead of them and the walls that creep close. The wall doesn't have any vines though and the floor cleared from any leaves. It's kind of sad. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Dark Hallway

「As they traveled in the hallway, the noticed that the wall is getting darker. It seemed the lantern started to have less of an effect against this type of darkness. It started to worry the vessel and wondered if they should head back now instead of keep going. 」

「They're scared... 」

「...Then tiny little stars appeared around them. Tiny little speck of stars from what should belong to the night sky in space. They're all around them to the point where the floor became one with the stars and darkness. The glow orb in the lantern dimmed down until it no longer. They placed it back into their [Inventory]. 」

「They didn't feel anything worrisome since the star kind of kind their way. As long as they walk straight forward. 」

「A blue light in the distant. What could it be? It grew brighter as I walked toward it and getting a closer look, it seemed to be some sort of tree? 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Blue Blossom Tree

「The vessel entered into an odd room; the area around felt as if the space is infinite. There were still stars but most importantly there is a gray tree with its roots stuck in the brown rich soil. The radius of the soil could only see far enough before the sight of the star taken over. When looking up, the blue leaves, blue cherry blossom leaves that endlessly gently flowing downward on the ground before disappearing into particles. 」

「There was sound which seemed like it came from the outer world. The voices from the space and the cosmos. 」

「They didn't know what to do here and when they look back, there still a way back but it's all pitched black now. 」

「Suddenly out of the blue, a person stepped out from behind the tree with a white hoodie that has two different color ears, eyes, and the rim of their cloak. The right side being red and the other being green. The eyes however were only on the hood. The real one left under it but at least there's a cyan smile on the lower half of the face. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "You see it didn't you."

Oblivion: "..." As per usual.

(Female Voice) ???: "Don't need to talk. I can understand by looking at you. You'll just have to believe me on that part." She walked forward and went in front of the blue blossom tree. "The path to this place to be clear."

「The vessel nodded. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "Nice to meetcha then. I'm Cohenyx. That's the name I'm born with. It sounds like something that you might get as a medication. If you know what I mean. I assume you don't though. In short, refer to me as Cohe for short. When you're able to speak."

Cohenyx: "I know a little about you. I roam the ruins sometimes and I tried to keep myself hidden from you. I'm an Obsirose robot just like you but that is why I have this." She tugged on her hoodie. "It provides a sense of belonging with the creature of the core. They're quite kind once you get to know them without the prejudice side of them escaping. Except for a few that doesn't have much thought to their action or that wendigo slime. What was her name again. Ah yes, Windi!"

「The vessel's eyes sparked up! Could it be another friend they would make in these ruins. She does seem friendly enough to their friend, especially when they know about the ruins and Windi as well. They had their tail wagging it seemed worth to explore this dark area. 」

Cohenyx: "Excited, aren't you? Of course, I'll be your friend. Your expression says it all. There's no harm for me not to." She seemed to always keep that wide smile. "Now since you're here, I'll you in on a little secret that only a few people know."

「She raised a hand a bright blue star sparkled on top of it. It swirled with magical mana and the aura coming from it made the vessel step back to how powerful it is. What could Cohenyx be showing to them? 」

Cohenyx: "Not a lot of creature or people come into the darkness. They're afraid of them. The pitch darkness that overwhelms the light. However, there's a few who overcome the fear and continued through. There's this place. The nice blue blossom tree. There's a few of them scattered around this world. If you remember their collection, you can form a portal near them as long you have sufficient mana."

「She lowered the star and allow the vessel to follow see the true spark of it. In the center, there's the sight of a certain location however it blurred out to the vessel as if it has something to do with their memories. 」

Cohenyx: "My bad. If this is the only blue blossom tree you've seen, then you have no access to anywhere else. However, if you explore more and find another one of these, it'll let me know and I'll teleport you somewhere else. Think of me as a [Fast Travel]. Neat right? I even let other use it once they get out of their comfort zone. Though those people had a lot of abilities to be stealthy though. Heh."

「The vessel nod and understand what she said. 」

Cohenyx: "Great! Now then, I have to go somewhere. I meet you again soon. I have many places to go and if I don't return to a particular area, I might get yelled at. Hehehe, see you somewhere else, buddy." She paused for a moment and pointed at the vessel. "Also, can you say "hi" to Windi for me!"

「Immediately after she said that: the star expanded, and she warped to another location in a flash. It surprised the vessel that it occurred, making them amazed and confused on how it works. It's a full-on magic! 」

「There were movement on top of the vessel as a small robot cat fell out and onto the quick reaction on their hands. 」

Pearl: "My BAD! But I saw that! That was amazing right!?" She jumped and floated in front of the vessel. "She could teleport! That is supposed to be a very rare type of magic. The ability to teleport anywhere. Kind of like how the [Inventory] work where items get put into a storage system!"

「Pearl immediately began the [SAVE MEMORIES] procedure but this time, even though it was sudden for the vessel, they seemed to have gotten used to the flash that comes with saving their memories. 」

Pearl: "You've seen to gotten used to it!" She giggled and went back on their head. "If only you could talk back. We'll be chatting all day long. But maybe you'll get your voice back! You should probably head back out now. If something does occur and this saved memory is in a bad state, I still have other memories for you to load in."

「She yawned and rested on their cowboy hat. Cozy as usual. 」

「The vessel smiled and turned around before walking in the dark hallway. They know that there's no danger in this darkness at least. The little stars all around appeared again to lead the way before it dimmed down and show the light outside of this place. Passed the hallway and right to the Autumn Ruins. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins A

「Back into the ruins, everything still remained the same. The interaction in the dark room might be useful to remember as if they find another one with the blue blossom tree, it'll be proven useful to travel around. 」

「The vessel walked forward a bit before thinking where to go next. It's mostly best for them to progress forward in this Ruins and see if they could find a way out. They do hope to find Windi again and say something to her before they leave. Eventually with enough exploring, they'll find their destination. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins B

「There isn't nothing to interesting to notice here so they proceed on... They stopped and turned around, looking at the entrance to the Wendigo's home. They sighed before turning around and heading forward. They could not abandon a goal since they're given one. Something about them felt like they're obligated to do so. 」


「There's no turning back... 」


「To Be Continued... 」

★ This is Cohenyx ★


Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.5: Autumn Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)



Posted by Tyhond - January 5th, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.3: Your Friendly Neighbor

(Word Count: 5400+)

Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Previous Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.2: Glowing Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.4: I Am Your Guide, Olivy - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.3: Your Friendly Neighbor - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「What happen to your friends? 」

The fire crackled in the fireplace, the log slowly turning into charcoal. The blurred woman placed Oblivion on the couch.

「They left you?... They aren't good friends. You shouldn't hang out with them. 」

Oblivion looked down a bit upset before looking up, replying to her. Their voice still inaudible and no matter what they say, their voice couldn't reach this world. It's all quiet with the sound of the fire. The scene continued to play out like a script.

「Bad friends should not be your friend. You'll end up hurt... 」

「Now is not the time to daydream. The vessel is in danger and now is not the time to peek into their thoughts. They must continue to reach their goal. 」


[] Memory 1.3: Your Friendly Neighbor []

<> Location <> Glowing Ruin I // Dark Ruin Bridge

◇ Entering Self-Defense State // Warning: Elite Encounter ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel stood on the stable stone bridge, rumbling as the gray serpent coiled around, his red eyes glare while the yellow tongue flicker out. They seem hostile toward them and ready to strike and end this memory. 」

(Deep Snake Voice) ???: "Time to feast on the sound of crunching glass~." The snake hissed as he prepares to lunge at their target.

「In a panic to save themselves, they raised up their hand and flash, using [Purify] in hopes of calming down the serpent. However, the bright flash didn't affect the elite creature and only annoyed him a bit. 」

◇ +10% Purity ◇ 10% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ ???'s Turn◇

(Deep Snake Voice) ???: "Trying to blind me? How cute~. I wonder how loud you'll scream~."

「The serpent lunge forward in an attempt to bite the vessel. However, they managed to jump over and on top of the serpent to avoid his attack. When this happened, the scale on the snake started it raise up and pop out inner sharp scale as a defense mechanism. It slowly accelerated from its tail to up the head. 」

「They noticed it quickly and hopped off its head before their feet would get impale. 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「Instead of attempting to use [Purify], they [Check] the creature, in hope of learning something about them. They started quick scanning the serpent! 」

[] Grayfool // A serpent that guards this bridge. His taste bud is sensitive, so he like to devour anything. Even rocks... Don't question his diet. // High Resistant, 25% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

◇ Grayfool's Turn◇

Grayfool: "I want to see my prey run away~!"

「The serpent spewed out a few inner scales and had them float using magic. The sharp blade-like scale tossed at the vessel! 」

「With quick reaction speed, they kept walking back to avoid the scales before one got them by one of their legs. It went through, hitting the ground behind them. Although with the mana, their leg regenerated but they've taken some damage. They didn't feel so happy about it, and it had numbed their movement a bit. 」

◇ -20% Mana ◇ 80% / 100% Mana ◇

Grayfool: "That hurt didn't it~?"

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel attempted to [Plead] with the serpent but unfortunately, they weren't able to speak. If they were, there might be some slight effect. It seemed that their mouth movement visible to Grayfool although no sound come from it. 」

Oblivion: "..."

◇ Grayfool's Turn◇

Grayfool: "Trying to speak~? I can't hear you~.""

「Out of nowhere, his tail appeared behind the vessel and whipped at the vessel with a loud snap. It managed to connect as they weren't paying attention to their surroundings, fixated at the snake's red eyes. 」

◇ -30% Mana ◇ 50% / 100% Mana ◇

「They fell onto the ground, wincing as they quickly got up and glanced around, their focus mostly forward though. They seemed to be more aware but mainly wished they didn't have face against the serpent. Not only that, but they also noticed that they wouldn't be able to escape due to the tail now. 」

「Perhaps the tail had always been under the bridge behind them. 」

Grayfool: "Be more aware. Luckily it's just a tail~."

◇ Oblivion's Turn ◇

「The vessel ran out of many good options to befriend Grayfool and it seemed that any action isn't that good either. They could not speak nor touch the serpent due to their scale that may suddenly shoot out knives. The best way they could think of is using [Purify] nine more times although with how difficult this fight seems; they do not make it... 」

「...At least during this memory. The thought of themselves resetting back to their [SAVE MEMORIES] or their save point again and again to brute force this battle could be a painful process. 」

「What could the vessel do? They closed their eyes and tried to think of something. The time slowed down for them, especially being a robot, the world will wait till they make their move. The description of Grayfool might have something in mind. 」

「...And with an idea in mind, the vessel took a deep breath and use the [Item] option and took out the [Always Fresh Honey Bottle] before opening the cork and raising it up high to show to the serpent. 」

Oblivion: "..." Without a voice, action spoke louder than words.

「Grayfool paused for moment and squinted, their eyes turned back to orange as they observed the item that they help. His eyes started to sparkle as they suddenly knew what it could be. A sudden relaxation surrounded the vessel as they watch the large mighty serpent lower their tail and move their head back, flickering their tongue in excitement. 」

Grayfool: "I-I-I-Is that what I think it is! NO WAY! The always fresh honey! Say~. Where did you get that from~?... Wait, don't answer that, mute. How about this instead~. You give that me and I'll let you go for now. Not like you have a choice~."

「The vessel nod and placed the bottle on the ground before taking a step back. Not like they had a choice like he said so this is the only safe option left to do. They hope that this item could allow them to pass the bridge to the next area instead of having to [Purify] the creature. Or at least attempted to. 」

「Grayfool leaned toward the bottle on the ground then flicker his tongue to flip the bottle into the air before quickly snapped at it, consuming the whole thing. A bit of glass crunched although he doesn't seem to mind it. If he could eat rocks, then he could eat glass as well. What an odd creature. 」

Grayfool: "Sweet, delicious, sugary sludge made from the honeybees of the ruin~. Although they deep in the ruin that I could not fit in. The last I tasted them was a few days ago. Hey~, yes or no, have you met her a while ago~?"

「The vessel tilted their head in confusion. 」

Grayfool: "Her. The one that gave you this bottle. The wendigo slime. Lady of the autumn ruins. The one purely orange~."

「The vessel shook their head in a disagreement. 」

Grayfool: "Strange..."

◇ Grayfool is now Perfectly Vulnerable! ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn Again ◇

「They [Purify] the serpent as they had the opportunity to. 」

◇ +100% Purity ◇ 110% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「Grayfool shifted and moved, his body scrapped and climbed the wall to avoid blocking the vessel's way. The path forward is now opened, and his head now hovered over the entrance with his tongue flickering. 」

Grayfool: "Not sure why, but I feel like I could let you for now~. Although, under one condition. If you could get me another one of those honey, then I'll let you pass through here again~. It's a toll~." He chuckled and chill where he at. It seemed that his scale allowed him to balance on the vine wall. "You may be an Obsirose, but screw my hatred if I'm treated to such luxury dessert. Remember, if you come back here again, please have the honey ready..."

「His eyes glowed red and leaned in, causing the vessel to become timid and afraid of their head close of theirs. 」

Grayfool: "Or else~."

「He leaned back and returned back to a neutral state. 」

「The vessel nod and slowly stepped forward, glancing upward as they traveled to the entrance. They would say "Goodbye" if they could speak but they waved instead, silently going through. They could hear his voice on last time. 」

Grayfool: "See you next time~. Remember."

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins A

「Upon entering through the entrance from the bridge, they seemed to find themselves in a new part of the ruin's entirety. This place contained orange leaves scattered around the ground with the vines being dark brown with dull thorns and orange leaves with three points grew from them. There were no longer glow berries, but the place seemed to be lit by luminous fireflies and beetles that has a glowing abdomen. 」

「As those insects do provide a decent light source, there were metal lanterns hanged on the ceiling and from the thick vines. Many of them lit the majority of the room and perhaps even in the further area as well. Not only that, but this place also seemed a bit livelier as it has more insects around and there's even a weird cut out of a dog leaning against the wall. 」

「They glanced around and found other objects on the ground as well. Perhaps that there may be more creature roaming in these ruins. 」

<> Interact <> Dog Cut Out

「A wooden cut out of a dog, painted with simple features and a silly tongue sticking out. It was quite cute and made the vessel enjoy looking at it for a while. It kept them occupied and curious as if they never seen a dog. Come to think of it, do they remember something about different animals in this world? 」


「Enough time had been spent on one object in this room. The dog had them for a while, but it seemed they're ready to move on. 」

<> Interact <> A Torn Deer Plush

「When the vessel walked further in the room, the noticed a deer plush on the ground. As they pick it up, it's quite a cute deer with button eyes, and ripped threads exposing its soft cotton insides. It was also lacking in color as its brown cloth seemed to be fading. There's a little black ant crawling on top of it. 」

「Could someone has dropped these here and forgotten about it? Who could this stuffed animal belong to? 」

「They picked it up and observed it up close. They then held onto it, treating it like a temporary lucky charm. 」

「The vessel shouldn't worry about someone that may or may not exist. Not like it mattered anyways. They continued until the noticed a sign hanging from the ceiling vines, held up with two ropes that looked like they're apart to fall apart. The wood of the sign itself is in decent condition. 」

<> Interact <> A Hanging Wooden Board

「A wooden sign, very large and noticeable even from far distance. The sign reads, "WELCOME" in bold letters and black paint. It even has a few flowers attached to it but they're dead due to the lack of basic needs. Water. Sun. Perhaps some care toward them. Then again, flower could only live so long without their roots. Their place of comfort. 」

「The vessel ignored the flowers and accept the welcoming sign for what it is. It made them feel welcome to be in these ruins, despite it filling with mysterious, and danger. They do wonder where the Lizker went. Where could it have run off too. 」

「They suddenly noticed two pathways in this room. There's a left side leading into a dark corridor. Not sure what could in lurking within and they don't want to find out. Yet... 」

「There's another path they could take. The forward obvious safe area where the welcoming sign had faced. Very bright and lit up, and most important, gave the aura of a welcome open arms. That had them immediately choosing that path. 」

「Although... What could be in the other place. Who knows... 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins B

「The vessel entered into this room to see that there were more critters all around. Not only just insects but there were mammals as well. The most active one being the squirrel that seemed to have notice them before quickly skittering away. 」

「These ruins became a very lively place, unlike the glowing ruins where everything is glowing with glow berries but not many livings organism had lived there. There were many large entrances to different hallways, making this place the center that connects it all. That is what they assumed at least. 」

「Not sure which path to choose. Of course, they could always depend on the straightforward one but with so many places, the curiosity had to go somewhere other than forward. 」

「Suddenly something gotten their attention. There seemed to be a pole with a wooden sign pointing toward the left hallway once they made it to the middle of the area. It reads, "Wendigo Slime". They had remembered that from what the serpent had mentioned. 」

「Without caution, they entered into the hallway and make their way to another smaller room. An entrance to a much expansive area. A home perhaps. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Entrance

「The vessel glanced around this small place and noticed there's a lot of leaves, in fact, orange of many shades covered the whole floor with occasionally rocks on the corners and edges. There were even decorations put up like rainbow color triangles hanged on the walls and little stuff animals sitting on top of the rocks. The deer felt like they belong among them, despite it being a bit more damaged. 」

「Decorations and plushies weren't the only thing in this area. There were also two large stone statues on the ground with a cat on the right one and a dog on the left. The cat had blue ribbon on their tail and the dog has a red collar. The stone based they were on had a handle and there seemed to be their respective color glowing from underneath. 」

「With a deer plush in hand, they ignored the statues for now and went for the other stuffed animals in this room. 」

<> Interact <> Animal Plushies

「The vessel checked the plushies on the boulder in the corner. There were a few of them, being a dog, a cat, a giraffe, and a hippo. All were stuffed and with different color button eyes. Back to where the deer one belongs, they placed it right next to those and left it there to hang out with their animal friends. 」

「They felt positive doing something like this. Hope that someone would be happy to find it back here. Whoever it could be. 」

<> Interact <> Stone Statues of Blue

「They went over to the cat statue and observed it. Purely stone but the only thing odd about is the base seemed a bit old and cracked as the cat itself doesn't seem to have anything wrong with them. The ribbit itself is in perfect condition as well. The expression on the cat's face is neutral. 」

「Behind the cat statue is a blue pressure plate which stepped on doesn't seem to do anything. Perhaps this statue could be placed on it? They attempted to move it, but it doesn't seem to work since they were heavy. 」

<> Interact <> Stone Statues of Red

「When observing the dog statue, everything is the same as the cat version. This time, it was a happy dog with their gray tongue sticking out. They had a plain red color, also in perfect condition. This statue could not be moved as well, as it also do have a red pressure plate behind it. 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Door

「This is a wooden door, reinforced with some metal and an aura of magic that the vessel could feel with their hands. There were a handle and no key lock. When they tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. Could the statues have anything to do with this door? 」

「Come to think about it, if they do have something to do with the door, how could the vessel move it? They looked around for a moment as they tried to find anything to get inside. Although under if they wanted to since they don't know if it's a kind thing to enter into someone's home without permission. 」

「Their thought slowly faded as they noticed a welcome mat on the ground where they entered from. Oddly enough, they missed it and even odd that it's facing against a wall. Curiosity spark as they went over and stood upon it... Nothing happened. That was useless. 」

「Not sure what else to do, they stared forward at the wall. It looked oddly strange as it's a had a brick piece pushed outward. They touched it and pushed it back into back before a small bell could be heard. 」

「The sound of tiny voices echoed in the room which caught their attention. They suddenly notice sky blue fireflies in the center of the area slowly moving toward the edge. The eyes of the statues opened up, staring at the vessel. 」

「A yellow circle glow appeared below them as a diamond glow appeared in front of the door. This seemed to be those "Circle to Diamond Puzzle". When they took a step forward, the fireflies moved. When they slowly walked toward the moving glow bugs, they would get swarmed by them, slowly guiding the vessel back to the circle before they moved back into their original position at start. 」

「This is another puzzle, although this time it's for real. When they thought for a moment, perhaps they activated the start and now would be able to move the statues. They might have to do that before going to the diamond spot. However, those fireflies would be the obstacle of this puzzle which is a problem. 」

「However, they've done two other puzzles by themselves, and they'll eventually figure out this one as well. 」

★ Note: Each of the Movable Square must be on their respective color tiles or else the Diamond Tile will not activate, and the puzzle will remain uncompleted. Upon pushing the Square, you take its spot. ★


「The vessel took a deep breath and stepped forward before completing the puzzle that they simulated in his mind. A small room with a compacted puzzle. The fireflies moved just like they thought and when he walked to a spot, they always move as if those insects are fixated on a set path. Blue fireflies... Quite pretty. 」

「After they pushed the blue cat statue onto the pressure plate, a loud click heard from the door. When the red dog statue pushed onto its respective spot it needed to be in, another click was heard. And finally, when stepping on the diamond, it glowed bright before dimming. A soft music of bells played, signaling that they had completed it. 」

「The solution for this was: Right, Down, Right, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right. 」

「The vessel placed their hand on the handle and pushed forward, opening the entrance to inside the home of the wendigo slime. 」

「Sudden sound of leaves crunching and a bark behind them caused them to turn around in a panic. They noticed the Lizker happy and excited as it rushed up to their leg and gave it a lick! They were glad that this purple lizard was safe after going ahead. Then again, they are a part of the ruins so they wouldn't have to encounter any threats. 」

「Leaves crackled as something else stepped on those. A red eye glared from the socket of a huge deer skull. They walked in with a brown clock revealing on their right side. However, when looking down, there's orange slime legs dragging against the orange leaves. It blended in well with the environment of this ruins. 」

「The person stopped and turned facing them. Most of their orange slime body revealed to the vessel. Now there are two glaring eyes staring right at them, making them freeze in fear while they observed the immense hostile aura around them. 」

「However, the person placed their slimy hands on their deer skull. The red eyes vanished instantly as they pulled it off their head and placed it on the ground next to them. They had sparkling orange eyes with a hint of red to them as well as having some shape of a slime hair on their head. A slime girl with a bright smile, even tearing up a bit with tears of joy. 」

「The aura that she had vanished entirely. Instead of being the scary wendigo slime creature that might've attacked the vessel, it's now a slime girl with a cloak and a small deer skull on her left shoulder. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "Y-you solved the puzzle to me home!" She said with excitement, her eyes sparkled as she got closer. "Wait, aren't you also the one who solved the other two that I made back in the Glowing Ruins as well!? Because I was notified that they were solved and also have taken the honey too!"

「She got right in front of the vessel and put her hands on their shoulder. Their tears of orange fluid going down their face and dripping onto the leaves and stone ground. The Lizker barked and went off to the side before staring at the dog statue. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "W-w-when I crossed that bridge to check, I heard that a boy has been traveling in the ruins and had given him a h-honey bottle." She let go of them and rubbed her eyes before calming down. "I did have to teach that snake a lesson for taking that one from you. What a gluttonous fool."

「The slime girl sighed and moved back a bit to give them space. All good to normal, her face bright, happy, and no longer crying a little. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "How silly of me! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Windi! Windi Anenstia of the Autumn Ruins. This is my territory and the ruins you were in before is the Glowing Ruins, that is Etheio's territory! He's my best friend! ..."

「Suddenly, her expression turned a bit neutral as she looked to the side. A few seconds later, she stuck her tongue out and struck a pose with her hands bending downward, making it look like she had ears. 」

Windi: "He's not a good person, trust me. I think it's a great idea that you don't linger in those ruins for too long. I'm basically his only friend! Or at least his closest one." She giggled and walked toward the entrance and stood at the doorway. "However, we continue talking in here! I would love to know more about you!"

「She entered into her home and waited for them to go inside. As soon as they went in, she closed the door and now they both in her cozy domain. The vessel went along with anything since she's a friendly creature. The lizard creature went inside as well! 」

「It doesn't seem like she knows that the vessel couldn't speak. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Den

「They were all inside and the Lizker leaped onto a purple bean bag, soft and made a loud sound when sat on immediately. The lizard gotten cozy and seem to be taking a nap on their special spot, eyes closed and a gentle snore. 」


「The den of the wendigo slime had many lit-up place, lanterns in the ceilings and placed on the large tree stump in the center. There was even more decoration in this home with different stickers slapped on the walls, showing different expression of many different emotion and characters which they don't seem to know any. 」

「There was a cozy bed on the corner that had tons of pillows yet still have so many spaces to sleep. A disorganized blanket laid on the floor. Speaking of the floor, it wasn't just stone and covered in leaves, it was a wooden planked floor. The walls however remained to be the same without vines though. 」

Windi: "Say, want something to drink?" She asked with her fist clenched and when she saw you nod in agreement, she punched up and cheered! "You seem like a quiet type, so I'll just get anything you want. Trust me, I'll be brewing something great!" :D

「Windi opened a door which leads into her kitchen part of her den. They could see her starting to prepare with a metal pan and ingredients from the cabinets. 」

Pearl: "Psst, outside here. Come out for a second!" Pearl spoke to the vessel while the door behind them creaked open. She was there, waving from outside the home. "I got to talk to you about something."

「The vessel walked toward the door and went outside to listen to Pearl. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Entrance

Pearl: "As you wait for her, I have to say, you've been doing wonderful so FAR! You made it farther than I thought you would." She floated in front of their face. "That slime lady is a nice person. Something about them feel like they should be trusted. But then again, that is their feeling around them. The first creature in this ruins that doesn't bring hostility toward you. Thought every creature of the core had a grudge against your kind."

「Pearl raised her paws before a bright flash occurred and the process of [SAVE MEMORIES] had been completed. Their eyes adjusted to that, still haven't gotten used to it yet. 」

Pearl: "There we go! Keep going on this journey! I bet you'll find something to look forward. Maybe like a goal or something... Whatever it is, I'm with YOU!"

「She went back on his hat and laid on top like before. 」

Pearl: "You should probably head back in or else she might go looking for you. One more thing, you should also get some rest. Even an Obsirose robot like you need some sleep to recover some fatigue mana that controls the flow of your system. It helped the mana organized." She yawned and relaxed on your head. Sleepy time just like the Lizker.

「The vessel nod before heading back inside. The thought of sleeping had not passed their mind until now. They wonder what would sleeping be like. Memories fogged up their mind with many blurs. They seemed a bit upset about it. 」

<> Location <> Autumn Ruins // Wendigo's Den

「They went inside and noticed the kitchen had steam coming from there. There were a strong scent of tangy orange and cinnamon in the air. It had attracted the sense of the vessel, wanting to know what it could be. What would the drink taste like? If it smells great, does that mean it would taste great well? 」

「They glanced around and noticed a pillow on the ground next to the tree stump. They sit down and get comfortable with the stump acting as a table of them. 」

Windi: "I'm done! I got the drinks right here! One for me and you." She said as she came out of the kitchen with two metal cups of hot liquid, being held by the top edges. "They're very hot so don't drink right away."

「The two cups placed on the stump. One in front of the vessel and the other on the left side of them. She then sat down and got comfy on the pillow as she looked at them, ready to become a curious slime. 」

Windi: "Mind if I know your name?" She looked at them with curiosity as if they would look at the world around them with the same expression. 

「The vessel stared back and went silent. They moved their hand and touched their own mouth to give her a message about them being muted. 」

Windi: "Wait! You can't speak? Well... That's unfortunate. So, you're a mute then. You can't speak whatsoever, right?" She looked at me a bit concerned.

「They nodded... 」

Windi: "I see... Don't worry about speaking though, I can tell you a lot about myself and about this place as well! I don't mind you sitting there and listening." She clapped her hands before picking up the hot drink. "Just remember to take a sip once this cools down. And one more thing, you could stay and rest here as well. Not sure how you gotten down here the aura you have. It's a little tired."

「The vessel has an aura. Although they themselves could not inspect their own aura. It seemed that Windi could see their yellow semi-transparent outline around them, a bit dim for being exploring for too long. 」

Windi: "Let's enjoy this before I let you rest." She lifted the cup and took a small sip from the drink.

「They tried to pick up the cup, but the metal heat left them a bit sensitive. For being a robot, they could feel much heat. Then again, they are an Obsirose robot. Not just any normal robot, devoid of any sensory and intelligence. 」

Windi: "Still hot? Here, let me tell you something about me. You already know my name and what this place is called so I'll explain more! I'm the lady of this ruins. I keep track of this area, kind of like a chief that keeps track of their own village. There's a lot of other creatures here that roam these ruins which you probably shouldn't meet due to you being, uhmm, an Obsirose. But don't me! I'm friendly toward you!"

Windi: "There isn't many things to do around here except interacting with each other, scavenging for any objects that manage to get their way into the ruins, and even trying to prevent Obsirose from entering into here. All of this live down here, a rough place but still a place to live. It's a part of the core." 

「She took another sip before looking at you and noticing your hat. They reached over and touch it a bit before moving back to her spot. 」

Windi: "Sorry if I'm too chatty but I do love that hat of yours. It's a nice cowboy hat and it fit you very well. Come to think of it, you probably have a name. And I don't think I have anything quick for you write on unless you want to use some paint?"

「The vessel looked down and shake their head. They picked up the cup, it was hot but not too high in temperature. 」

Windi: "Hey, don't worry about it! I have a quick idea. Nod if you like this but what if I call you by a nickname. Would you like that?"

「The vessel nodded and smiled. They seemed happy to have someone referring to them as something. Perhaps they know. Vessel. 」

Windi: "Great! I have one just ready for you." She moved over closer to them before putting her hands on their head. "Lil' Cowboy."

「Their eyes sparkled with white stars, glowing from their yellow eyes. They stared at Windi and frown a little, their eyes tearing up a bit. For some reason that nickname had an effect on them. They themselves do look like a little cowboy. But something about that nickname reminded them of something. But when they try to remember, it's not there. 」

Windi: "W-wait, don't cry! If you don't like that, I can always come up with a different nickname for you. J-just don't cry."

「They smiled and hurriedly rubbed their eyes before quickly shaking their head. They stood up and adjusted their hat before striking a pose. A hand on their hips and a finger pointing to the side. They wink while they still had tears on their face. 」


「Lil' Cowboy... All they could feel is lingering memories, but their heart hurt that they could recall. All they know is they were once called Lil' Cowboy... Something more than just their name Oblivion. 」


「To Be Continued... 」

★ This is Windi Anenstia ★


Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.4: I Am Your Guide, Olivy - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)



Posted by Tyhond - January 3rd, 2024

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.2: Glowing Ruins

(Word Count: 5100+)

Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

First Chapter of this series:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World! - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.3: Your Friendly Neighbor - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.2: Glowing Ruins - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

「Come in here please. 」

A cozy fireplace in a massive dark mansion room. Oblivion walked quietly into the room, limping a bit as their left leg was a bit scratched up and bruised. They glanced at the human woman, sitting on a comfy chair next to the fireplace, a small table beside her with a large book on top alongside a glass of cranberry juice.

The woman's face is not visible. In fact, none of her is visible, all blurred out. 

「Thank you. Now, please tell me how you got this injury... 」

Oblivion sat on her lap, looking down a bit timid and afraid before speaking to her. The voice inaudible but the woman can clearly understand them.

「I see. Don't cry on me. I have something for you. 」

Oblivion with hopeful eyes noticed something when the woman grabbed an item out from a spatial inventory, the magic in a shape of a cube. The item itself is blurred out by black boxes, not fully sure what it is.

「There, much better right? 」

Oblivion hugged her and-

「Oblivion... Open your eyes. It's not over yet. There is still a whole world ahead of you. Grasp it and stay hopeful... 」

「It's time for you to continue. 」


[] Memory 1.2: Glowing Ruins []

<> Location <> Lower [???] Ruins A

「Awaken... 」

「The vessel eyes glowed brightly, their yellow eyes emitting a bright light in response to the darkness around them. They sat up with their hat still attached to their head, luckily. They don't seem to be injured, at least visually. Their mana has hit a low with 10% which isn't a good sign. Not only that, but they also don't seem to know where Pearl goes since, she is no longer on their shoulder. Unfortunate. 」

「It seemed it is not a [Game Over] for them just yet. 」

「They stood up and dust themselves off, glancing around and letting their eyes scan the area like a flashlight in a dark forest. 」

Oblivion: "..." A comment but unable to make audible.

「The vessel confused and a bit scared of the darkness, only relying on their flashlight eyes. It seemed there's a lot of rubbles below them and around then, there seemed to be an open area with huge stone doors behind them and an open passageway in front of them. 」

<> Interact <> Huge Stone Doors

「Huge stone doors with ancient markings, each door containing different symbols which the vessel could not understand. Nothing could explain it and there doesn't seem to be any imagery as well. Only text in another language. When touched, nothing happened, and the door is either closed or way too heavy to be moved as it is many times taller than the vessel. 」

「...Don't think about it. I can't translate it. 」

<> Interact <> Stone Rubbles

「Glancing up, you could see the glow at the layer above. However, down here, it's opposite. The rubble itself is huge, cracked bricks, too heavy to be picked up and they're also moist. The vessel felt a bit of water droplet from above, dripping on their head. 」

「There is nothing here not of worthy. The vessel worried about Pearl but with her being invisible, it was a lost cost. If they do try to find her under some rubbles or rolled off onto the dark floor, it would be trying to find an invisible needle in a haystack. IMPOSSIBLE. 」

<> Location <> Lower [???] Ruins B

「More of the same stoney floors and walls. Although there are vines, they're without the glow berries but there seemed to be a few fireflies scattered around. Not bright enough to light up the area. 」

<> Interact <> Ruin Fireflies

「Small illuminate bugs that flew in the air toward back direction. They think they all great with their lights as they don't seem to notice the vessel. Not even noticing the light coming out from their screen eyes. Perhaps they could be blind. 」

「They have nothing else. If they could talk, they would've done so if they could notice the vessel. 」

<> Interact <> Broken Vase

「These vases are broken unlike the others from the [Glowing Ruins]. There're more fireflies here that seemed to be attracted to it although the vessel could not see anything interesting near them. 」

<> Location <> Lower [???] Ruins C

「The vessel noticed something in the distant of this room. A blue glow that seemed to be moving. Unsure what it is, they might've thought it could someone who could help them, and they started to travel toward the light. 」

「For some reason, there are warmth when they traveled closer toward the light until it was clear that it was a person! They seemed to take a turn through the corridors. The wines now had some glow berries to light the way instead. 」

<> Location <> Lower Glowing Ruins D

「The vessel continued to follow the blue light, traveling into another room and this time, there were more glow, no longer relying on their own light source. 」

(Male Voice) ???: "Stop. Keep your feet where you are. I hate when someone quietly follows me." He spoke before halting in their path. 

「The view of him is clear. Their head a shape of a blue flaming fireball and their body equipped with fire-resistant polyester with the right side being gray and the other being dark blue. The rim of the gray side was orange compared to the dark blues having blue instead. The only thing else that is flaming is their legs as they were exposed except for the shoe they had on. 」

(Male Voice) ???: "Whoever you are, you don't seem friendly." He turned around, revealing his dark glass visor with an orange screen with his one eye. The right side of his visor chipped and busted. "An Obsirose."


Oblivion: "..." Without a voice, they can't resolve the situation with communication. "..."

(Male Voice) ???: "Not saying anything. You allowed us to live here in peace after the years of you've pulled a part many of this core to use for selfish greed. And now you're in our territory to what, terrorized us." Upset, he cast a flaming orb on his right hand, electric spark from it. "You all agree to leave us alone and never step foot in what's left of the core's territory again!"

◇ Entering Self-Defense State // WARNING: BOSS ENCOUNTER ◇

◇ Opponent has First Turn ◇

「The Self-Defense State suddenly activates. All HUD ready since the person in front of you is a major threat in your path. A massive "WARNING!" has appeared in front of the vessel before it quickly vanishes. It seemed the vessel's mana is at 10% from the fall earlier. 」

(Male Voice) ???: "You... If every one of you Obsirose. No, humans. If the humans haven't found this place, none of use would've gotten stuck here!" He lifted up his arm before tossing his electrifying fireball at the vessel!

「It struck the vessel, shattering their glass body! 」

◇ -30% Mana ◇ -20% / 100% Mana ◇

「The vessel kneeled down in pain before closing their eyes, shutting off their whole body and collapsed onto the ground. Silent and darkness loomed over them... 」


「This is the end isn't it... Only for this memory path. It is never over until the goal is reached. 」

「Oblivion. Can you remember? 」

「This is the end isn't it... Only for this memory path. It is never over until the goal is reached. 」

◇ Restarting Program. Loading Memory 1.1 // Successful! // Counter: 1 ◇

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins B

「Awaken... 」

「The vessel woke up and opened their eyes, they quicky sat up and hyperventilate. No breathing noise but only the visual of them trying to gasp for air. They touched their chest and stomach, checking for injuries but none were found. 」

Pearl: "That right there is me- hey, w-why are you on the floor? That shouldn't be happening?"

「They stood up and noticed Pearl before shivering and tightly hug her, fear on their eyes. 」

Pearl: "Hey. Uhmm. That's alright? I didn't expect the [SAVE MEMORIES] to have some effect on you." She then went quiet and hug the vessel. "There there? You're hugging me too tightly. My fragile body going to break" >-<

「The vessel let go and took a stop a step back, breathing in and out. They had calmed down and nod. 」

Pearl: "Okay! I am a little tired from doing that, so I be resting now." She went on their shoulder and turned invisible. "If you need me, I be awake after a while. Till then, stay safe and explore. You will find something fascinating! I sure of it!"

「The vessel nodded and with a Pearl on their shoulder, they felt much safer. They hoped that she would disappear off due to a fall. 」

Pearl: "Nap time..."

「They went forward into the next room, being more cautious than before. The knowledge of the past memories would favor them in this one. There should be a floor near-collapsed in the next area. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins C

「The long corridors with the wall closer to them. This time, there is something interesting instead of nothing and the old dust of it. The vessel walked forward and noticed the slight unstable sound of the floor with each step. They quickly sprinted for a second before a large leap forward, hoping they're away from the danger spot! 」

「They safely landed, with the floor behind crumbling and falling down with the sound of rocks smashing into the layer below. 」

「The vessel cheered before glancing forward and running, guard still kept a bit up though. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins D

「Another room of this ruins, a fresh area that looked the same as the others but hold the aura of safety. At least the vessel felt that way. It's just more corridors but wider this time. 」

「There seemed to be a creature up ahead, not a humanoid one but a smaller one, a quarter of their size. 」

「To the vessel, the creature seemed a bit cute with their green tongue sticking out. They're also purple, big, and fat, as well as being scaly like a lizard. Without noticing the vessel, they sat still, staring at the blank stone wall until they noticed the footstep from them. Their attention sparked as they got up and darted toward the sound! 」

◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

◇ Opponent has First Turn ◇

「An encounter as occurred and with the HUD up and ready. The opponent went first due to their speed! 」

「The lizard-like creature jumped at the vessel, it's teeth sharp but its tongue is more noticeable! Due to how it was and how sudden it attacks, it bonked head with the vessel with a loud thud! 」

◇ -15% Mana ◇ 85% / 100% Mana ◇

◇ Oblivion's Turn◇

「The vessel stumbled back, rubbing their forehead before they seemed ready to purify the creature. Although, unsure what it is, they checked the [Action] option first and have a few actions they could perform. They decided to [Check] the opponent. 」

「Their eyes scan the target before a screen appeared in front of them, explaining what it is as well as other details. 」

[] The "Lizker" // A Lizard that loves to lick and very positive creature. // No Resistant, 15% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

◇ The Lizker's Turn◇

「The plump lizard jumped again in an attempt to tackle the vessel! Although, they were ready for it this time by stepping out of the way! 」

◇ Oblivion's Turn◇

「The vessel checked in the [Action] option and had a new action to perform. It corresponded to the vessel's observation and the idea they obtained. They decided to [Hug] the Lizker by picking them up and giving them a nice cuddle. 」


◇ The Lizker is now Perfectly Vulnerable! ◇

「The creature licked the vessel multiple and doesn't do anything harm them. 」

「The vessel smiled and put down the Lizker and gave them a small pat before going back and raised their arm. They used [Purify] and a sudden flash occur! 」

◇ +100% Purity ◇ 100% / 100% Purity ◇

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「The Lizker sat there and wagging its stubby tail and stared at the vessel. When they walked pass the Lizker in curiosity, the creature stood up and followed behind them. It seemed that they gotten themselves a happy little pet following them. It seemed quite needy as it growled with delight. Not a pleasant sound but the tone seemed positive. 」

「The vessel traveled onward forward to the next room. The lizard didn't falter and kept on following their path. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins E

「Another room filled with vines, a bit more that cracked into the stone floor. However, vines on the ground does not have any glow berries. Up ahead, there are a few scraps metal on the ground, rusted from the length of how it has been here. Perhaps many decades had passed by the look of it. 」

「The two kept on traveling forward, until- 」

◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

「A large frog like creature jumped from the empty hole on the wall next to the next area. They are as big as the chubby lizard. They seemed to stare the vessel blankly and croaked. It seemed to have hostile intent? 」

「The vessel stared blankly back while the Lizker went in front and growled at the frog before becoming instantly friendly and licked. They decided to [Check] on the new creature in this room. 」

[] The "Froggot" // This frog forgot what he was doing. // No Resistant, 4% A.A.P (Average Attack Power) []

「The frog croaked one last them before it turned and jumped back into its hole from whence it came. Back to its ruin. 」

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「And so, the confused vessel and their follower head forward, not sure what that encounter back there was about. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins F

「The vessel entered into this area and noticed a broken-down scrap creature laying against the wall. They don't seem like a robot like them but at the same time, it's hard to tell from this distant. 」

<> Interact <> Broken Scrap Creature

「When the vessel went toward it, it seemed clear it was a robot. Not a very high-tech robot unlike them as well as not in good shape. They poked the rusted bot in hope of response and that only met with silent. 」

「Bummed out, the vessel left the robot alone and glanced around in hope for more of these bots but there was only that. 」

「Suddenly, the bot made a small sound before the faint audio of fan whirring could be heard. Unlike the vessel, their head were shaped like a human, and their eyes tried its best to turn on its green glow. It does however have a heavily cracked screen on its chest. There was text slowly typed out, reading "Hello." before a long paused. 」

Oblivion: "..."

「Its jittery eyes stared at the vessel. The text deleted itself before a new sentence has appeared. "You are not a human..." After each sentence, it repeated the process. 」

「"...Nor a robot... You must be from the core... Species unrecognized. Filing new report for the Ros---..." 」

「They got cut out, struggling to maintain in this state. Sparks flew from its body. "...Denied... If you are from the core... We come in peace... The human will stay here for a while... Please accept us..." The robot started to malfunction before a loud hiss sound occurred and the screen shut off. Steam emitted through the cracks. 」

「This robot is outdated. 」

「Next to and above the robot was a wooden sign hanged on a nail in-between the stone bricks. Not sure long it has been there but despite it be moldy, it still hangs. 」

<> Interact <> Moldy Sign A

「The moldy sign reads, "This sign is made just for testing. Please ignore this sign and read the on next to this. That one will tell you how the puzzle work. Thank you" 」

「The vessel moved onto the next sign. Their pet, the Lizker, waited and sat down next to the broken old robot. 」

<> Interact <> Moldy Sign B

「This moldy sign reads, "In order to complete this puzzle, you must walk on the square till you reach the diamond. But be careful, there are obstacle in the way that moves every time you touch a square. They will push you to the beginning. To see solution, please read the next sign. After you done the puzzle." 」

「The vessel turned around and noticed this area was pretty big. However, there doesn't seem to be a puzzle at all. At least a more active one. There seemed to be painted black squares in the center with the circle that has "Start Here" and the diamond at the end that has "End Here". There are also painted circle with spike around them in blue paint with a line going in a set path. Childish. 」

★ Note: You can try to complete the puzzle below. Answer the question using [Left], [Up], [Right], or [Down] in a Sequence. Think it through and have fun! You can skip the puzzle if you want, the solution is be revealed in the story! ^-^ // Also, the Blue Death move one Square every time you move! ★

★ Extra Note: If you want to do the puzzle, don't scroll too far under the Puzzle Image or else you might get spoiled the answer. ★


「The vessel went to the next sign as to ignore the childish markings on the ground. 」

<> Interact <> Moldy Sign C

「This moldy sign reads, "If you are reading this, the solution is that there is no solution. The puzzle is optional and there's no door blocking your way if you do not complete it. If you did solve it, great job! If you did not, there solution for real:" 」

「"Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Right. It's simple, isn't it!"」

「The vessel was quite confused at this. Hope they don't have do a real puzzle like this one. They decided to skip the puzzle and went toward the next room with their pet following them once again. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins G

「The vessel entered into the next room and found themselves with more signs although these seemed to be more recent ones since they're not moldy as the others. Curious, they decided to check it out. 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Sign A

「This sign reads, "Behold! The continuation of the Circle to Diamond Puzzle! Decided to give it a name. All you have to do is start at circle and move your way, square to square, till you reach the diamond. Although, there's nothing stopping you during the puzzle, so if you want to pass, you must push the wooden cut out, Mr.Block-Your-Way." 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Sign B

「"Although, please do the puzzle. It took me a while to make one up. I promise Mr.Block-Your-Way will move if you step on the Diamond. Your friendly neighbor, the Wendigo Slime." 」

「The vessel turned around and saw the puzzle, a bit more refined as the floor covered with green tree leaves and the square tile were noticeable. The circle tile right in front of them along with the trail of where the obstacle would travel to. The diamond is all the way at the end. At the distance, there was the acclaimed, "Mr.Block-Your-Way". 」

「The vessel didn't like to do puzzle, so they went on the leaves and to the wooden cut out. The sound of crunches and snap when they walked over. 」

<> Interact <> Mr.Block-Your-Way

「There's a tall wooden cut out of a scarecrow-shape person with a angry face painted on the head. It is connected to the ground and has writing on its chest. "PLEASE DON'T PUSH ME! DO THE PUZZLE." 」

「They didn't really treat it like a real person and decided to move the cut out aside. For a moment, they saw a frown face but when they step back to check, the expression of it is still the same angry face. Something about do things felt a bad. Instead, they move him to the center of the open doorway to the next room. 」

「The vessel stepped back on the leaves and to the beginning of the puzzle to try it for real. Hope for the best as they attempt to find the solution. It's time to imagine. And the vessel is imagining what the puzzle could be. 」

★ Note: Here's another puzzle! This one has multiple Solutions (I thought of) but only one of them will be revealed by the Protagonist. // For the Blue Death, you can go on the square if it does not have them or if you did not collide with one on the way there. ★


「The vessel attempted to think this puzzle through. It seemed that moving forward seemed safe. Actually, it seemed they figured it out, an easy for a robot like them. With imagination, they managed to find a simple path. 」

「The solution they took was: Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down. 」

「They made to the diamond and stepped on the tile. It lowered when stepped on, a sound of a clink before a small confetti explosion blew where Mr.Block-Your-Way stood. It seemed the puzzle has been solved! Although, the puzzle would still be solved by skipping the whole puzzle and just step on the diamond tile. 」

「Regardless, the vessel cheered before stepping off and walking toward the Mr.Block-Your-Way. Strange enough, they had a smile now instead. Not only that, but they also began to move aside as if they were living. 」

Oblivion: "..." They nod and appreciate it before entering into another room.

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins H

「The vessel entered into this room to found themselves in another puzzle room. This time, the puzzle seemed a bit more complicated, and it had them puzzled. What would be harder now? A new mechanic? A bigger puzzle? 」

「Diagonals. It seemed that the puzzle has obstacles that go diagonal. They went over to the wooden sign first to check what message had been left. 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Sign A

「This sign reads, "I had too much fun making this puzzle that I even stump myself out with one time. But I'm sure there's a solution to it! If I made the puzzle and find it, so can you! And I swear, this is the last one! I don't want you to endlessly do random puzzle I make. I mean, I could, but I don't think anyone would be doing any of these." 」

<> Interact <> Wooden Sign B

「This sign reads, "Please do them. I tried my best in making them. Although, if this is too hard, just say the magic word to Ms.Block-Your-Way and she'll be nice enough to move aside! Thank you. Your friendly neighbor, the Wendigo Slime." 」

「And with empathy, the vessel decided to control the last puzzle that he hoped they'll have to do. It might be a bit tough, but they could handle it with determination! 」

★ Note: Last one to go! This one has you deal with diagonal. They still move one square. Blue Death can also move outside the tiles but that's obvious since they spawn outside the tiles. Good luck! ★


「The vessel nod and stepped onto the circle platform and began the puzzle. They hopped to each tile with a smile. Perhaps they started to enjoy the puzzle a bit more. Maybe cause the puzzle wasn't too bad to solve or their robotic mind could easily calculate the path toward the goal. At least they had fun with this. 」

「The solution they took on this one is: Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right. 」

「Upon stepping onto the diamond tile, the sound of loud pop occurred at the wooden cut out of the Ms.Block-Your-Way. A badly drawn woman that had a wide smile of what a mom would have if they proud of their child. 」

「They jumped off and went over to the cut out before noticing their movement to the side to allow access to the next room. 」

<> Interact <> Ms.Block-Your-Way

「A happy lady wooden cut out. They seemed to be wearing a real white apron that has the word, "COOKING and LOVE". The expression is very lovely, and she is quite tall. About two feet taller than the vessel. 」

「To another room they go. A nod for the cut out before going to the next area with a smile of accomplishment. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins I

「As the vessel entered into the next room, they notice a wooden drawer placed on the wall of the area. There seemed to be a small glass bottle of orange substance under a wooden board that says, "Congratulation!" 」

「The lizard, that didn't follow the vessel for a while, sprinted over with a piece of a large branch in their mouth. They seemed to be a bit distracted of themselves and rolled on the ground. 」

<> Interact <> Small Glass Bottle of Orange Substance

「When the vessel picked up the bottle, they noticed a posted note that reads, "If you did my puzzles, you could keep this. It's an always fresh honey!" They paused for a moment before being curious about their ability. They started to scan the bottle and hope it checked its information. 」

「Indeed, they could scan any item they have! 」

[] Always Fresh Honey Bottle // This bottle honey is always fresh. Don't ask why. // Heals 60 Mana, Regenerate 20 Mana per Turn for 3 Turns []

Pearl: She yawned and turned visible before floating upward and glanced at the vessel. "I had a nice nap. How was your journey! Was it GREAT?"

「The vessel nod before holding up the honey bottle in front of Pearl. 」

Pearl: "Oh! It seemed that you found an item! I will take that and put it in the spatial inventory. When you need it, you can access it because I allow you to. Just use [Item] and instantly, it will appear! Awesome right!?" She took the bottle and teleported it into the inventory.

「They nod before they try out the [Item] feature. Quickly when the bottle disappears, it also reappears in the hand of the vessel. When the same ability was used, the bottle vanished again back to storage. 」

Pearl: "You got the hang of it really quick! You're a fast learner! Say, what's that creature over there?" She pointed out the purple lizard that seemed to be rolling on the floor with a now cracked branch. "Did you happen to tame that one?"

「They nod once more and turned around, staring the creature. The Lizker sat up and spat out the branch before sticking out their tongue and stared right back at the vessel. 」

「When Pearl flew right above the vessel's hat, the lizard did not notice her and just start at them for a very long while... A staring contests. Pearl sat on their head and whistle a bit, but the creature doesn't budge its eye movement. 」

Pearl: "Strange. I don't think they could see ME. Me... That's not nice, they're actively ignoring my present!" Pearl pouted as her tail swaying upward annoyed.

「The vessel reached up and gently tap Pearl. 」

Pearl: "Hmm? Come to think of it, it's been a while! Here!" She flew off their head and faced toward them. "It is time to [SAVE MEMORIES]!"

「And without warning, a bright FLASH blinded the both of them before it faded, and everything turned to normal. A warning would be appreciated as their eyes were not ready to adjust to the saving procedure. 」

「Although, the light did not affect the Lizker at all. Perhaps it had something to do with not noticing Pearl. Or it's very blind. 」

Pearl: "Now since that happened, I might need to chill again." She sat on the vessel's hat and smile. "If you ever need me, I'll be attached to your shoulder. Other than nap, I'm going to light NAP. Light nap. Tap when you need me."

「Pearl yawn again and lay down, closing her eyes. She seemed really comfortable on the hat unlike being on their shoulder. 」

「They continued to travel forward, and with the Lizker breaking out of their staring trance, they all started to travel to what seem to be a massive stone bridge connecting this side to the other side. There wasn't any light toward the center although if with the vessel's flashlight eyes, they be able to navigate forward, staying in a straight line. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins I // Dark Ruin Bridge

「As the vessel walked on the bridge, the surrounding got darker but the light at the entrance ahead grew a bit brighter each step. The air in this place gotten colder and chill went up their spine. The Lizker whimpered and slow down a bit before they decided to sprint ahead toward the light. 」

「In a panic, they tried to reach out for the lizard, but it seemed they were gone and went ahead without them. Now it's quite a quiet bridge. It seemed like it always has been. 」

「The bridge shook a bit, causing the vessel to stand still, worried about the possible chance that this bridge might collapse. Not sure what to do at the moment, they decided to slowly walk forward and prepared to sprint for it when things go south. 」

「They continued onward, noticing orange leaves scattered on the bridge, more grew as they got closer. 」

「The bridge rumbled again, and, in a panic, the vessel sprinted toward the exit in hope of reaching their before it collapses. However, it doesn't seem like it's going to break apart. Instead, there's something else. A large creature coiled around the path, blocking their way with a loud hiss. 」


「With fear expressed on the vessel's screen face, it seemed that they were in for a difficult encounter. They looked up, noticing the huge serpent that blocked their path and loom over them with its flickering shadowy tongue. Its eyes bright orange with its scales being the color of the ruins. 」

「The vessel took a deep breath and enter into a dodging stance, preparing to [Purify] this serpent. 」

(Deep Snake Voice) ???: "An Obsirose~. What brings you down in this ruin." He spoke as his head got closer to the vessel. "Did you stumble down here and got lost~? Or did you get too curious and explore. Ignorant of the danger of entering this territory. Did they warn you that we're not too friendly against your kind~."

「The vessel just shook their head yes before stepping back a bit, worried that the serpent would quickly lunge and take them as a snack. 」

(Deep Snake Voice) ???: "Silent, are you? Or maybe you can't speak~. Muted~. How about I take this opportunity to-" The snake ended the sentence midway and started to snap at the vessel, scaring the living daylight out of them.

「They stumbled onto the ground and panicked, before quickly standing. 」

(Deep Snake Voice) ???: "Oh this will be fun~. Don't die on me too quick. I need to crave my thirst of revenge." His eyes change color from orange to pitch red.

◇ Entering Self-Defense State // Warning: Elite Encounter ◇


「To Be Continued... 」

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.3: Your Friendly Neighbor - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)



Posted by Tyhond - December 30th, 2023

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.1: Hello World!

(Word Count: 2500+)

Genre: Adventure // Fantasy // Sci-fi

Next Chapter:

ELDER-RAIN CORE // Memory 1.2: Glowing Ruins - by Tyhond (newgrounds.com)

If you wish to read this story in another place instead of Newgrounds, have a Wattpad:

ELDER-RAIN CORE - Memory 1.1: Hello World! - Wattpad

Story Starts Here:

★ Warning: This is a story, only a story. Grammar might be a little off at times, and the format might take a while to get used to. Just relax and enjoy the story! Have fun and don't take it too seriously! ^-^ ★

「Once upon a time... 」

(Male Voice 1) ???: "Come over here! I found something!"

(Female Voice 1) ???: "What is it? What you find!? Is it something good!?"

(Male Voice 1) ???: "Not exactly. Just come over here! Just everyone! Come!"

The sound of rushing footsteps goes over the group of explorers, all in dusty brown clothing, equipped with leather straps and a backpack. A flashlight held, shining at the pitch darkness through the tunnel. After a while, they couldn't believe their eyes. A gigantic opening from the ground, spanning far down within its dark depth. Pebbles gently collapsed off as the explorers gathered at the edge. 

「A group of explorers in search of a new start... 」

(Male Voice 2) ???: "What's all the way down there? I can only see vast darkness!" A surprised look on his face.

(Male Voice 1) ???: "Not exactly sure but it seems that we find a new world down there. If there's abundance of resources, then we struck gold and perhaps we can have a whole civilization! A new start for everyone!"

「Has found a massive depth, perhaps full of resources and life... 」

(Female Voice 1) ???: "That sounds too hopeful."

(Male Voice 1) ???: "But think about it! A what if! If it's indeed what I think it is- You know what, I'm going to shut up and explore. Get the rope!"

(Female Voice 2) ???: "Careful! We shouldn't rush!"

「And at this moment, life has changed for them... 」

They all prepared their supplies, a bunch of explorers setting down their equipment and prepared for a large expedition within the depths of the magical world deep below. And as they went down...

(Female Voice 1) ???: "I can't believe it! Look what I found!"

(Male Voice 2) ???: "Is that Obsidian?"

「The prologue of the present... 」

(Female Voice 1) ???: "Looks like one but not quite sure. Something about it seems different." She pointed her flashlight below her. "It's not the only resource down here. There's plenty more. Way more."

「The center of a new beginning... 」

「This is the start of the... 」


★ Note: From here on out, the True Route known as the Solstice Route will play out. The opposite darker route known as the Equinox Route will not be available. Follow the journey of a vessel, the one you will grab by their hand and guide. This vessel's name is... Oblivion. Enjoy. ★

<> The Starting Journey of the Solstice Route <>

[] Memory 1.1: Hello World! []

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins A

「Water... Droplets of liquid dripped from the ceiling, upon the sleeping vessel laying on a cold stone ground. Each drop gently splashes upon their obsidian glass faces, slowly flowing apart and onto the surface. Their purple hair gently swayed by a wind coming from the unknown. Everything around it was quiet but peaceful. Gentle light shone on their face from the glowing berries on the vine of the cavern ceiling and walls. 」

「... Awaken... 」

「Bright yellow eye flashes from the screen of the vessel. Awaken from its deep sleep, they rose up and glances around, confused and lost. A moment of long silent, only to glimpse at the surrounding stoney caverns, a bit humid, and quite a lot of glows berries and its vines. Below the vessel is veins of slightly luminate water flowing toward the direction the awakened one faced. The air in this place is chilly. 」

Oblivion: "..." Silence. It continued to observe before standing up. "..." 

「They attempted to speak but unable to. For some reason, they know communication but at the moment, unable to say anything, not even a sound. 」

「They glanced around before noticing its hat. They recognized it as it walked up toward it, kneeling down to pick it up. It was a little damp but regardless, the vessel placed it on its head, completing its whole outfit. A dark brown hat with a dark brown simple explorer clothes which comes with its gloves and boots. Quite comfortable. 」

「The vessel looks ready to go, with a smile on their face. A pair of bright yellow eyes and black pupil, a canine or feline shape nose, and a yellow smile, all appearing as a screen on the obsidian-like glass head. In fact, their whole body is this black glass. A body made out of resource. A screen image face. This vessel, Oblivion, a robot at heart. 」

「They decided to walk around a bit, getting used to the current environment. Although, what caught their attention is what lit up the area they're in. 」

<> Interact <> Glowing Walls

「A glowing wall of vines and berries that illuminate the room with bright white light. It does have a hint of yellow to it. The vessel is curious if these berries are edible. They took one off, glowing their gloved hand. A single sniff before consuming them... 」

「Eww... Nasty. The vessel spitted them out and coughed. They sure taste like battery acid. Or just very sour yet bitter lemons. Better to let them do their job. Just be a glow and not a berry. They stepped away from the walls for a while. 」


<> Interact <> Ruined Vases

「There's an interesting bunch of slightly broken vases, cracks overwhelmed them, almost looked like they're about to shatter at any moment. Best to not touch them and leave them alone. So fragile... 」

「It seemed that nothing here is worth to interact. The vessel glanced around one more time before noticing an opened path out of this area. They then proceed to walk toward the direction as they have no other choice. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins B

「They found themselves in a large cavern of empty spaces, all connected with a singular bridge from where he was to another new area. The area below the wide bridge is just pitch darkness. Wouldn't be a great idea to jump down from here. Despite the walls being farther away on both sides, the ceiling still lit the area. 」

「The vessel continued their path, walking forward to who knows where. However, something seemed to stop them from progressing. They squinted and noticed a small floating creature ahead of him. In fact, it seemed to be heading their way, a pair of bright yellow eyes expanding as it got close. 」

「Without any warnings, a loud glassy thud occurred as it collided against the face of the vessel. What in the world!? 」

(Female Voice) ???: "OWW! Oops! My bad! I accelerated way too FAST!" The creature spoke as it rubbed its screen face. She seemed be a small floating robot, in fact, a kitty with a dark purple scarf. Her tail drooped down with a diamond piece hanging on the tip. "My bad, my bad! Wait, I said that three times already! My bad! Ack!"

「Awkwardly, the vessel gently poked the kitty, unsure what it was. A blank curious stare toward her. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "Hey, don't poke me like that. I'm made out of glass! Like you are!" She pouted and floated back a bit. "No permission granted!"

「The vessel gave a smile and retracted their fingers. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "Aren't you going to apologized?"

「They stared at her without a response back. They really wanted to speak but they failed to do so. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "...Give me a second. Stand still PLEASE!" Her screen face blanked out for a moment before a yellow scan appeared, moving from top to bottom of the vessel's whole body. "SCAN COMPLETED!!! Oh, I see the problem now... YOU CAN'T SPEAK!"

「...Yes... 」

(Female Voice) ???: "More specifically, your speech module is broken. Bummer. However, do not worry as I can speak for YOU!... Until you get your voice back."

「The vessel stood nodding before a looking down a bit disappointed. 」

(Female Voice) ???: "Don't be UPSET! Ack! I meant upset. Not yelling! You see, I am here to help! I am PEARL! Personal Electronic And Realistic Lifeform!" She snickered before shaking her head. "Just kidding on that part. Call me Pearl!"

「...They can't speak... 」

Pearl: "I'll be your personal QoLC! Quality of Life Companion! To where I come from? Don't ask! I most likely woke up the same time as you! Anyways, I can be a lot of use for you! In fact, I might even be more useful than you!" Smug :)

「The vessel felt a bit down and sit on the ground a bit upset. Bad Pearl. 」

Pearl: "Wait WAIT! But you have many other things you can do that I can't do! I could be your friend, your spatial inventory, your navigation system, and so much more! Including the best feature ever! [SAVE MEMORIES]!" She cheered before laying on the vessel's head. "You could be my friend and- and... And... A protector! You can even protect me! I'm sure of it!"


「Pearl went off of their head and move back a bit. They seemed excited for what she about to do. 」

Pearl: "Stand up!" She does a quick scan. "Oblivion! I have something to show you before we go on our way!"

「The vessel stood up and stared at Pearl confused. 」

◇ Entering Self-Defense State ◇

「Suddenly, a single pulsating headache occurred in them before visual HUD appeared in front. There seemed to be a few of them, and Pearl smiled as if she wanted so long for this. 」

Pearl: "You now have access to your HUD!" She floated in front of you and pointed at the vessel's HUD. "Just like in a video game!"

「There is a blue long bar with the icon of the vessel's head, scarf, and his explorer's hat. Above the bar displayed MHP/Mana with a 100% / 100%. Above the numbers is the vessel's name, Oblivion, smaller in text size than the percentage. 」


Pearl: "That is your MHP! Your Mana Health Point! And if you haven't noticed, we're Obsirose! Obsidian Soft Glass bodies! We can regenerate ourselves using MANA! However, if your MHP hits 0%, you unable to regenerate your wound and will result in a GAME OVER!"

「The vessel nods and gave a thumbs up, to ensure that they understood. 」

Pearl: "Awesome! And I'm pretty sure you're a swift one. You see, you most likely will have first turn! There are options for you to choose when engaging with anyone! [Purify], [Action], [Item], and [ACCESS BLOCKED]! Huh, strange." She paused for a moment before shaking head and continuing. "They're basically a preset option for you to do! In case you have nothing specific you want to go for!"

「The vessel could see the three available options. For some reason, they thought they saw a fourth one. 」

Pearl: "If someone hostile is trying to hurt you, use [Purify]! It shall calm them down and might alter their mindset a tad bit. [Action] allows you to do, well, actions! Some might even help with the purification process by a ton! And finally, [Item]! If we have any, we can use them! Say, give it a try. Use [Purify] on me!"

「The vessel nod and instinctively raised their right arm before using [Purify], a bright flash stunned Pearl a bit. 」

◇ +50% Purity ◇ 50% / 100% Purity ◇

Pearl: "OH! That dazed me a bit, but I feel much better! I feel happier!" She giggled before purring. "Now it's my turn since it'll take a while for you to perform [Purify] again! I'll shoot little pellet of energy at you! You just have to dodge!"

「Pearl summoned a bright yellow energy pellet and it slowly shot toward the vessel. They stood still in a panicked and got hit! Ouch! And the attack has ended. 」

◇ -15% Mana ◇ 85% / 100% Mana ◇

Pearl: "You know, you can just step aside! You can dodge it that way! Let me try AGAIN!" She got another turn out of nowhere and shoot another energy pellet! "Remember! DODGE!"

「The vessel nod before attempting to jump over it. Unfortunate, the timing was way off, and they landed on the pellet! 」

◇ -10% Mana ◇ 75% / 100% Mana ◇

Pearl: "You do jump very high but, you didn't really dodge it. Here, try one more time!" Another free turn to herself! 

「Selfish! Another energy pellet headed toward their way. This time, they jumped over it with success! A dodge!... Finally. 」

Pearl: "Great job! You can dodge to avoid taking damage! Now it's time for you to finish the purification process!"

「[Purify] 」

◇ +50% Purity ◇ 100% / 100% Purity ◇ Pearl has been purified! ◇

◇ Self-Defense State Completed ◇

「The vessel's HUD has vanished quickly as soon as this tutorial was completed. They looked at Pearl and smile. 」

Pearl: "I feel all brand new! Like I actually slept instead of being shut down for so LONG!"


Pearl: "Say, I have one thing to show you. Come over to me!"

「The vessel walked over to her. They noticed that Pearl is reaching her paw out toward them with sudden sparkles appearing around the both of them. A sudden flashed occurred with both of them shutting down. 」

「After a while, they both activated again, and it seemed that the vessel's mana has been fully restored! 」

Pearl: "That right there is me activating [SAVE MEMORIES]! Your mana is fully restored, and your memories is saved! So, if anything bad occurs, your Auto-Save Memories will combine with the most recent saved memories! Neat right! When it happens, you can see how great it really is!"

「Confused, the vessel shook their head and agree with whatever she explained to them. 」

Pearl: "Although, a manual save is up most important, so I'll save each charge for every once in a while. And now since that happened..." She lay on the vessel's shoulder then turned invisible. "...I'm going to nap here for now."

「The vessel noticed the invisibility and gently poke her just to make sure she still exists... Silent but she is there. 」

「At the moment, Pearl is not awake, so it seemed like they will have explore the Glowing Ruins by themselves. They walked toward the end of the bridge toward another room, curious of the area full of glow berries, vines, and the very quiet atmosphere. 」

<> Location <> Glowing Ruins C

「The vessel entered into a long corridor, wall closer to them with more vines and less glow. The ground seemed a bit unstable with sound of cracks with each step. The ruins of this place must be very old. Nothing too interesting in this area. 」

「They continued to walk forward, perhaps speeding their pace until suddenly the ground rumbled before collapsing, having the vessel fall down into the darkness! 」

Oblivion: "...!!!" 





「To Be Continued 」

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