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All hail UNO reverse card. Thanos should had had his reality gem ready for anything oof

Question, why is everytime I go into a certain movie. It see atleast average 70~ vote?

I love ANIME!

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I do scratch project too! How did you manage to emb scratch project into Newground?

Hydromite responds:

Download scratch 2 offline editor at https://scratch.mit.edu/download/scratch2
Make a game in the offline editor and save it to a .sb2 file.
Convert it to .swf file at https://junebeetle.github.io/converter/online/
Then upload that .swf file to Newgrounds.

Great Speeeeeeeeeed Run Game :3

What, i got hit by nothing and i die

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I made some composed music, I'm not good at it. Can you give me some few tips on it?

Elitos-5 responds:

All you need is a good progression, build up, unity and contrast within the piece. AND not to forget you're own taste/style :)

Is it by hand or you use like a software?

Elitos-5 responds:

Done by a software. Musescore or something like that. I really need to get a recording studio of sorts. So I can actually create songs with other people.

Wow, how you make it?

Elitos-5 responds:

Used a crappy composing software... Well not crappy, just useful for composing stuff and using those ideas elsewhere.

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Aww, this is so cute~! I could pat it~!

Stay beautiful, yo~! :D

Chainswap responds:

um hey good for you stop by and look at me lovely art yo

im sure a pat wouldnt hurt right?

um thank you again and yuss i will stay beautiful yo but you must also stay beautiful yo :D

I somehow got more interested into that game than Sonic for some reason :3
Very good art~!

Chainswap responds:

i actually agree with you on that

and the music and boss fights are way better too

well sonic 3 will always have ice cap zone and by far the best music in that game

thank you and stay beautiful yo

Two adorable and cozy peeps~! :D I wanna have some cozy feelings~!

Chainswap responds:

hello yo

glad you like this probably one of the only pictures with a guy and didnt really have a father figure growing up well kinda havent had one unfortunately

um if you want to um you can just go hug someone you care for deeply um that might work

happy you can see the warm feelings in this picture much appreciated yo

Sugar sugar, sweet sweet, sugar sweet, cute sugar beet =3

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